1 Simple Trick that Can Increase your Blog Post’s Social Reach Tenfold

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Writing a fantastic blog post is one thing, but getting some traction from it is quite another. No matter how informative or revolutionary the content contained inside is, if there aren’t any eyes on your blog posts then all of the time and effort spent writing them has gone to waste.

It’s no secret that pushing out blog content via social media is the go-to method for helping it achieve this visibility. What many bloggers don’t know, however, is that there is a very simple way to potentially increase your blog posts social reach tenfold…

Social outreach once your post goes live

Technicalities and writing talent aside, blogging is all about building relationships both during and after the publishing process, which is where my ‘simple trick’ comes in.

I call it a trick because a surprising number of bloggers aren’t actually utilising it, but in-fact it’s more of a common sense way to leverage social media to distribute your message. In a nutshell, all you need to do is reach out to people you’ve mentioned/linked to in your posts to let them know that they feature via social media. This encourages them to either thank you, share or retweet your message (or post itself); actions that their own fans or followers will see and become curious about, eventually leading them to check out your post themselves and, better still, share again. You see how the reach is increasing?

So what’s the best way to utilise this technique? Try using either of the two methods below.

1.       Referencing facts, figures and statistics

Everyone knows that referencing facts, statistics and useful content in blog posts adds a good dose of credibility and weight to what you’re saying, but what many don’t realise is what a fantastic opportunity they provide for increasing reach and visibility.

After publishing your post, all you need to do is track down your source’s Twitter handle or Facebook page and either a) Tweet them when your post goes live to say that they feature or, b) Tag them on Facebook in an update like, “Today’s blog post features a host of Facebook statistics and how you can utilise them to your advantage, with solid facts and figures from one of [source’s name]’s latest studies.”

2.       Pulling together ‘The Best…’ roundups

I’ve found that some of the most well received blog posts are ‘The Best’ roundups, whether that’s ‘5 of the Best New Startup Apps for Marketers’ or ‘5 of the Most Impressive Drop Down Menus’.

Let’s take the startup apps idea. Straight away you have five opportunities to tweet or Facebook tag these apps into the social media update you use for post outreach. Growing apps like these are always grateful for this kind of publicity and almost always retweet updates like “10 tips for XYZ including how you can leverage @startupappname for growth” to their own following, which in some cases is quite large.

That’s potentially hundreds more pairs of eyes on your post, and is a methodology that one of my favourite fashion bloggers (whose identity I’ve blurred out for privacy reasons) employs to great effect on Twitter.

Every person mentioned reacted to this tweet in more ways than one.

They all replied…

blog post reach

What’s more, three of them retweeted, taking the total reach from 1,820 to 7,959 in one simple tweet! (not quite ten-fold but you can see the point I’m making)

blog post twitter reach

I told you it was simple, yet many bloggers are still using social media as a means to simply shout “New blog post!” and link to their post. Utilize the kind of outreach mentioned above and you have the potential to build a valuable new relationship with this person that could, in turn, lead to a guest post opportunity, and gain a whole lot more social reach and website traffic if they share it with their own followers. And you never know, among that new audience there could even be a few potential leads.

Of course, sometimes it’s good to have a shortlist of influencers on hand before even writing your post. This way you can forge relationships early and give yourself a valuable cache of people to turn to when you come to writing about a subject in their niche. It can save an incredible amount of time, meaning you can spend less time trying to hunt down supporting text on Google and more time developing a really solid piece.

Stay tuned for my next post to find out how exactly you can track down these influencers, and how you can organize them into a fuss-free outreach plan.

Charlotte Varela
Charlotte Varela is a digital content marketer for Tone Agency, a web design and inbound marketing agency based in (not so) sunny Lancashire, England. After graduating from university with a degree in Creative Writing, Charlotte found her calling in the world of social media and content creation. Quickly learning that customer service and lead nurturing is about much more than incessant sales pitches, she now thrives on creating compelling and original content that readers can take away and put into action themselves. When she isn't tearing up the keyboard Charlotte loves escaping into a good book or the great British countryside, taking pictures of wildlife and baking tasty treats for family and friends, all in between a serious spot of knitting!
Charlotte Varela

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