10 Reasons Why News Releases Are Smart PR

If you’ve been hearing any scuttle that the news release is dead, think again. This vehicle is not only alive and very well, it’s smart public relations for your business.
Here are 10 reasons why the news release still works and should be incorporated into any company’s integrated marketing plan:

1. Writing a news release helps a company fine tune its message. When writing a news release, the news must be well thought out with a smart quote from a company leader.

2. Once approved by all parties within a company (get legal to approve the content, too), the news release becomes the tier one communications vehicle for many other written tools.

3. A news release can be distributed on the traditional PR wire, via the online wires to drive traffic to websites, and it also becomes the primary tool used by media relations specialists to pitch media.

4. Blog fodder comes directly from a news release. With a company-approved news release, the blogging team can easily publish a post featuring company news.

5. Social media channels benefit from a news release. There are likely 10 posts on Twitter that result from a news release, 1-2 on Facebook, another few on Google+, and a video post onYouTube (if video is available).

6. Companies should always keep an archive of past news announcements on a website. Typically, these are stored in an online news center via a news release archive in chronological fashion.

7. When media are interested in covering a company, a news release is an official source for research by reporters seeking current information.

8. When a company spokesperson is quoted in a news release with the quote attributed with name and title, that quote may be lifted and used by others covering the company. The quote is considered approved language as well as public content.

9. If a company desires attention by third parties who may be media, investors, client prospects, shareholders, employees, or other stakeholders, the news release is the expected and approved tool for such communications.

10. Companies cannot ignore social media and many have flocked to the channels to post content on third-party platforms. Think a minute about that…your company does not control the servers for Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or YouTube.  The only secure channel your company owns and controls on all fronts is your website.

A company making history can better tout its story by a progression of consistent news release showing milestones oriented to growth, product launches, new leadership, and other hard news.

Use the news release. It’s very smart public relations.

Jayme Soulati
Jayme Soulati is a public relations marketer and message mapping master. She blends content marketing, digital marketing and social media with core PR. She is president of Soulati Media, Inc. and an award- blogger writing at http://Soulati.com. She is author of "Message Mapping: Why You Need It and How To Do It" available free on her website. Trained in Chicago's PR firms, Jayme is a media relations veteran and a past president of the Publicity Club of Chicago. She plays competitive tennis player and wants to connect with you on any social media channel!
Jayme Soulati

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5 Comments on "10 Reasons Why News Releases Are Smart PR"

Kevin Right
1 year 3 months ago

Great post! Thanks a lot for sharing with us. Hope to hear more 10 reasons afterwards success))

2 years 16 days ago

Jayme, I so agree. Thank you for reminding people of why these are not "dead" and also why a news release and "PR" are not the same thing – not overtly, but it's underlying throughout your post. And your choice of the phrase "news release" as opposed to "press release" was smart for that same reason – and something I try to do as well.

2 years 4 days ago

Hi, Shonali! We could probably do an entire webinar on this topic; hmm, shall we?

I was on a forum recently where someone was speaking about news releases; it was horrifying to see what was said. I knew also I shouldn't engage in that conversation at that time; you pick your battles and try to educate with every opportunity.

You know that very well! Thanks for coming over; appreciate it!

2 years 16 days ago

Hey Jayme – congrats on your debut here on Steamfeed!

I definitely look forward to following you're posts and getting the download on best PR practices…

#8 is interesting… Need to choose your words carefully here :o

Cheers to you, miss!

2 years 4 days ago

Gosh, I didn't do a good job saying thank you, now did I? May I blame it on the flu? I think I've used that excuse too much already…

Thanks for the welcome, Friend. I appreciate it, and #8? I went back up to see what it said…I thought I had omitted a letter in public or something! Whew!