10 Step Twitter Formula to Unleash a Dynamic Personal Brand



twitter-personal-brandTwitter can be an incredibly effective addition to your current online marketing and a strategic way toamplify and unleash your personal brand to the online world.

A unique social sharing platform, Twitter not only has the ability to connect your business to potential consumers, but can bring important insight and necessary data right to your doorstep as well.

When used to listen, monitor and research what is happening in and around your personal brand, your business now becomes agile and able to adjust to the ever-changing needs of your target market.

If you have struggled to understand the potential behind Twitter, now is the time to embrace its brand-boosting power!

Twitter Formula to Unleash a Dynamic Personal Brand

1. Define Your Mission and Vision

Before you embark on your Twitter marketing campaign, determine what your mission and vision is for this social network.

Whether your overall goal is to boost brand awareness or connect with quality leads, Twitter can put you in front of the right people if you know who they are and what they are looking for.

The mission behind Twitter and your personal branding vision will support your overall goals.

2. Know Your Customer

Take a moment to think about who your customers are and why they are using Twitter to connect and engage with your business.

Are they seeking information, insight, a forum to be heard, a place to share their passion for your product or service? My guess is that it’s a little bit of each.

Give your past, current and prospective clients a way to virtually connect with you on a daily basis. Short, well-crafted tweets that share your mission and vision will go a long way in supporting the transition of your established personal brand offline to your newly established online persona.

3. Translate Your Brand

Your online presence is an extension of the brand you have built offline. In order to translate that you need to focus on the look, feel and intention of your brand.

Ask yourself a few questions:

  • How does my brand make people feel and how will that be seen, heard and felt online?
  • What is the purpose and what is the brand you are trying to build?
  • How will my content extend the mission and vision of my brand?

You need to be clear about the brand message you are trying to convey. This is a vital factor to keep in mind if you want to use Twitter to build your personal brand.

4. Find Your Message and Voice

The tweets you put out in public every day should all add up to the grand image you are hoping to convey. This means that you need to avoid certain behaviors.

  • No Twitter meltdowns – if you are not in the best emotional state, your Twitter account is not the place to express your frustrations.
  • Include the necessary keywords or catch phrases within your profile to clearly express who you are and what your brand is all about.
  • Keep the language used in your Twitter profile professional and consistent with your additional online properties.

5. Use Relevant Hashtags

The hashtag is a way to get your message in front of a much larger audience. Take time to identify what hashtags are being used consistently.

An easy way to begin your hashtag research is through your competition. What hashtags are they using on a daily basis? Now take those hashtags and research the frequency and effectiveness of each one.

Find out how often they are used and who is using them through Hashtags.org orTwubs.


Both offer a detailed analysis of each hashtag and will provide a list of those who have recently used it. You will now be able to see what additional hashtags they are using as well.

Begin to build out a list of relevant hashtags that you will scatter throughout your tweets. of their use and ho to build your personal brand.

6. Connect with Industry Leaders

Your brand should be part of the Twitter ecosystem. Use Twitter tools such as Twitter Advanced Search to search for industry leaders based on specific keywords, phrases, date, location and language.


You can even indicate that you only want tweets from specific accounts or from those mentioning certain accounts. Now it’s time to jump into the conversation and begin a dialogue with those tweeting and talking about subjects surrounding your industry or niche.

Here’s another great list of Twitter tools that will let you drill down even further intoindustry influencers from Problogger you won’t want to miss.

7. Use Twitter Lists

Once you have completed the above task, add these industry leaders to a Twitter list. Similar to Facebook lists, Twitter allows you to categorize those people you follow into targeted lists.

This will allow you to come in on a daily basis and quickly and easily keep up with those you want to begin to build relationships with. Your next step is to visit your list and start replying to tweets, sharing one of their tweets with your audience or visiting their blog and commenting on their latest post.

To set up your Twitter lists:

From Twitter.com, navigate to your profile. Click on “lists” on the upper left hand side and then choose “create new list” directly below your profile.


8. Set Up a Twitter Search Alert

There are multiple ways to monitor your brand building efforts. One is through Advanced Twitter Search. Once you create your Twitter search as described above, you can save that search for future reference.

You can also use tools such as Google AlertsTweetbeep or third-party tools like Hootsuite or Sprout Social.


Each of these tools will keep you up-to-date with the latest mentions of your chosen keywords. Use them to monitor your name, business name, competitors and events happening within your city if you are a local company.

9. Integrate Twitter

Twitter is not the only avenue you should use to build your brand. Use different brand building tools and make sure they are all integrated.

A few ideas:

  • Add a link to your email signature
  • Incorporate your link into all traditional marketing
  • Add an icon to your website or blog
  • Add it to all other social networks

10. Track and Measure Your Results

Tracking and measuring your online results is an important part of your strategy. Staying on top of what is working and what is not is a proactive way to observe how your content, message, voice and overall personal brand is received.

Topsy, which provided detailed Twitter search results, recently rolled out Twitter analytics. While this information was available on certain tweets, the ability to see trends and sentiment on all tweets is a welcome change.

Use Topsy to measure your own day-to-day or compare yourself to two additional competitors.


How are you using Twitter to build a dynamic personal brand? I’d love to hear your tips in the comments below!

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