10 Ways to Share Your Brand with Your Audience

As a brand guy, I believe every touch point is an opportunity for an audience to interact with a brand. I also believe that brands are living, breathing things that grow, change and evolve. Companies try to control their brand, but truth be told brands belong to their audience and not to the brand itself.

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With that being said, the more that a brand can make itself available to it’s audience, the better the opportunity to allow customers and prospects to form their own relationship with the brand.

The Internet has created a virtual playground for consumers allowing them to interact, engage and share. Below are 10 ways that you can share your brand with your audience:

1. Give Your Brand Advocates a Place to Share:

Hello, isn’t this what it’s all about? You do want people to talk about your brand, so provide a way for them to talk to you and about you. Have a presence on social networks, share videos, run promotions and get personal with your audience. The days of push marketing are coming to an end. The time to have two-way conversation with fans is now.

2. Humanize Your Brand:

While we are talking about building connections, why not go the extra mile and humanize your brand and build an emotional connection. Let us know the people, the passion and soul of the brand. The more you let your customers in, the greater the bond they will form with your brand.

3. Showcase The Brand Experience… get visual with video and pictures:

Make it easy to engage with your audience. Keep it fun and keep it simple, consider marketing with visuals.

4. Educate Your Current and Future Audience:

Education is critical for a brand; you need to tell your audience how to use your product.  Use videos to educate and demonstrate. Many brands have found success especially in the Home Decorating and Home Improvement using Pinterest. However, those are far from the only brands finding success marketing on Pinterest. 

5. Manage Expectations:

Let’s use restaurants as an example, are you a fine dining, special occasion concept or are you a casual dining, family friendly place? Set an expectation so when a customer interacts with your product so that they have an idea of what expect. The fastest way to lose a customer is to misinform or mislead, be clear and be straightforward. Keep expectation is check by meeting your customers needs with your brands promise.

How about the 5C’s?

6. Connect with Your Audience:

When brands are fortunate enough to have loyal brand advocates, they better take advantage of the support and the heavy lifting they can do for a brand. Make sure you are putting these Brand Advocates to good use.

7. Customer Service:

If you are serious about customer service then you need eyes and ears everywhere that your customers are. If your customers choose to send you a tweet, you better respond.  If they ask a question on Facebook… be monitoring, ready with a response. It doesn’t say anything in the customer service handbook about being limited with where your support comes from, does it? If it does say that, it’s time to throw out that book. Your goal is to create “Raving Fans” and being present when your customer needs you most is the fastest way to make a fan for life.

8. Conversion:

Um, you are in business to make money so why not make it easy for your customer to buy from you? If a consumer wants to give you their money go ahead and make it easy and Keep It Simple Stupid. Don’t make me jump through hoops to make a purchase or I’ll go somewhere else.

9. Cultural Shift:

Listen this shift has already happened no matter how much you want to fight it. STOP it and embrace the change. Social media influences your current and future customer; figure out how your brand translates to a digital world that includes mobile and social media.

10. Create Content:

Content is king… yada, yada, yada. We have all heard it before, way too many times I’m sure and it’s tiring to hear the same thing over again. Content itself isn’t as important as creating the right kind of content for your audience. Creating good, effective content should align with an overall marketing strategy. Make sure that the content is relevant to your target audience, do not waste their time or you will lose their attention.

Many brands are fighting for consumer’s attention, we are inundated with media and we are pushing it away. So when your audience actively seek you out, make it worth their while. Keep it fresh, make it fun and make it relevant.

Who do you think a brand belongs to? The company or the their audience? Please leave a comment below!

David Schwartz
David is a Brand Strategist focused on building relevant brands, while creating valuable consumer relationships to promote engagement. By utilizing the popularity of digital and mobile media, along with the social web he helps companies understand the power of controlling their content. David started his career working for MTV in New York, he then proceeded to Atlanta to work with the likes of Coca-Cola, Chick-fil-A and the Home Depot. From his time working with companies of all sizes he has learned that a strong brand is the key to long term success by turning customers into brand advocates. Now living in Nashville with his wife and two children, David works with companies of all sizes teaching and consulting on best practices for building a brand in the digital age.
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