12 Days of Social – Featuring the Steamfeed Singers

It’s December, the holiday season is smack upon us. It is the season of sharing, and in the spirit of that tradition… I give you The 12 Days of Social.

12 days of socialSing it with me now –

Hello everyone. In the spirit of the Holidays, I’d like to tell you a
little story.

Twas the night before Christmas,
And all through the house,
The SMRebels were working,
And tapping the mouse.

Getting ready to log off,
For the whole holiday,
As their friends and their family,
Try to pull them away.

They can’t get enough,
Of this media, social,
It makes them Happy & Merry,
with joy by the bowl-full

As the SMRebels,
Relax for a day,
We’d like to thank the SteamFeed community,
And wish you a Happy Holiday.

Before I let you go,
And say goodnight,
Let us sing you a song,
For your delight.

On the 12th day of social some people gave to me…

  • Twelve tips on Foursquare
  • Eleven LinkedIn Endorsements
  • Ten Pinterest boards
  • Nine Twitter mentions
  • Eight shares on G+
  • Seven viral videos
  • Six kitty memes
  • Five Reeee….tweeeets
  • Four new Facebook page likes
  • Three Instagrams
  • Two Yelp reviews
  • And a blog with a really great post

Starting today, follow the pattern of the song and start your own 12 days of Social. Give the gift of being social (in social media… such a novel idea.) Get out and explore the interwebz – meet new people and make new connections. If even half of those gifts involve engaging with a new person, you will have made over 150 new connections!

Carrie Keenan
Carrie Keenan is a Social Media Community Manager and blogger out of Appleton, WI. I work with both B2B and B2C clients, but I prefer to call them all P2P. I am actively involved in the Wisconsin Irish community as the social media chair for Oshkosh Irish Fest. I’m a proud geek and book nerd, lover of big words, rhyme & alliteration.

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