15 Social Media Goals For Non-Profits – What Are Yours?

Most non-profits, large and small, are on strict budgets. They want to take as little money as possible away from their end goal of providing goods or services to those in need. Their limited budgets often have very little or no money allocated to marketing. Instead, many of these organizations rely on volunteers to take care of the day-to-day running of their charity. Marketing and social media are no exception, as many non-profit social media accounts are set up and managed by well intended volunteers who are professionals in a discipline other than social media or marketing. This can spell disaster for a non-profit!

What should the non-profit board do first?

For those board members in charge of charities and non-profits, it is imperative they understand that social media can do great things, but it can also harm their reputation if not managed correctly from the start. If a non-profit is going to outsource their social media marketing to a volunteer, the board should at least be part of the planning process, and here is why: Creating a social media strategic plan will make execution easier to manage and it will leave much less room for disaster and mismanagement of their accounts. Many non-profits are already on social media and if you are wondering if you (and your non-profit) are doing it right, let me ask you this one question: ‘What are your social media goals?’
The first thing to do as a board, when creating a social media strategic plan for your non-profit, is to set goals. I have created a list of 15 possible goals and depending on who and what you represent, you can add your own or choose from this list.
non-profit social media goals

15 non-profit social media goals to consider

  • Brand Exposure and Name Recognition
  • Attract Event Sponsors
  •  Local Recognition and Media Attention
  •  Event Promotion
  •  Soliciting Financial Donations
  •  Finding Volunteers
  •  Board Members Recruitment
  •  Greater Reach/Expanding Territory
  •  Selling Promotional Items
  •  General Fundraising
  •  Increasing Web Traffic
  •  Grow Online Audience
  •  Connecting with Brand Ambassadors
  •  Endorsements/Collaboration
  •  Putting out Calls for Immediate Needs
Each non-profit should at least have a Top 5 list of goals they want to accomplish with social media. Once these goals become part of a strategic plan, the non-profit board can find ways (tactics) to reach each of these goals, by looking at what platforms are best suited for their specific audience, their available resources for images, videos and written content, and their overall, long-term goals.

This is just the first step in completing a social media strategic plan for a non-profit organization

As important as this step is, it is often overlooked or ignored. Caution!
  • Without goals, social media often becomes a liability, not an asset to the non-profit.
  •  Without goals, you never know when you’ve reached a milestone.
  •  Without goals, it will be impossible to measure social media growth.
  •  Without goals, you likely won’t know whether you are wasting your time with social media!
Let me know if you are working on a social media strategy with a non-profit goals other than those mentioned above. I’d love to know about it!
Dorien Morin-van Dam
Dorien is the face behind the orange glasses and is founder of More In Media, a social media consultancy. She consults with clients in the non-profit sector, retail and service industries, as well as PR and community associations. Besides social media consulting and management, she enjoys teaching, speaking, blogging, networking and running marathons. Proud to be Dutch by birth and American by choice, Dorien makes her home in Myrtle Beach, SC with her husband, 4 kids and 3 labradors.
Dorien Morin-van Dam

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