20 Top Social Media iPhone Apps

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One thing I love about social media is that I can use it whenever and wherever I want. Whether I’m in the car, on the treadmill or out at lunch, I can always easily manage all of my accounts straight from my smartphone. There are quite a few useful apps in the App Store, here are twenty of my favorites:

1. HootSuite

HootSuite is already one of the most popular social media management tools and thankfully they also offer an iPhone app. The app is less intuitive than the desktop tool and a little more difficult to use, but it still offers a great way to manage multiple Twitter accounts, Facebook Fan Pages etc. from the same place. You can use the app to engage with your audience across your social media profiles, schedule updates, monitor conversations and see basic statistics for your links.

2. Everypost

This useful app basically allows you to post your updates to all the major social networks from one place. All you have to do is write your message, add photos or videos, hashtags and people and then send it to any social network you want (or even all at the same time): Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr and via e-mail. The Twitter text shortener feature automatically shortens your tweets so that they are under 140 characters. The app has a few glitches here and there with some networks refusing to connect so I’m looking forward to future updates!


3. Facebook

The iOS Facebook app is not the best of the bunch, but it does all that it’s supposed to do – albeit a little too slowly once in a while. You can use it to keep an eye out for your friends’ updates, share updates, photos and videos, get notifications, play games and talk to your friends. If you like using Facebook’s messaging service, I recommend the Facebook Messenger app, as it work much better.

4. Facebook Pages Manager

The Facebook Pages Manager app allows you to manage all of your Facebook Pages from one place. I personally much prefer this app to the regular Facebook app. You can use it for posting updates and photos, respond to comments, reply to private messages, view Page Insights and you can also set up push notifications so you never miss a thing!

5. Twitter




The official Twitter app allows you to add multiple Twitter accounts, but you can only access one at a time. You can view conversations, respond to tweets, retweet other users, post updates, photos and videos and browse hashtags and various conversations.

6. Vine

With Vine, you can create short, looping videos – think of them as the video equivalent of a tweet – that you can then share with your friends and fans. You can follow other users, upload as many videos as you want and explore trending posts and hashtags.

7. Instagram

The popular photo-sharing app allows you to post photos for the world to see and to follow other users and see their photos. You can now also post videos, and the app also includes instant sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr and Foursquare, as well as free photo filters. Use Instagram to engage with other users, by liking their photos and leaving comments on them.


8. Google+

The Google+ iPhone app is one of the better social networks apps – it’s easy to use and intuitive and doesn’t crash. Use it to keep up to date with your circles, share text, link and photo updates, check in as well as join hangouts. If you use the Hangouts feature often, try the Hangouts app.

9. Pinterest

The Pinterest app allows you to keep control of your account and your boards on the go. You can pin images that you love from around the web and add them to your boards and explore other users’ pins and boards.

10. Tumblr

The Tumblr app allows you to share photos and other media and post text updates and links, while managing all of your blogs. It also has a few advanced controls, such as saving drafts and queuing posts and others.

11. Buffer for Twitter and Facebook



I am a huge fan of Buffer and have to say I’m very pleased with their iPhone app. You can use it share to your Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and App.net accounts from the same place. Add your link, text, or media updates to Buffer and they will be automatically scheduled and posted throughout the day on your social networks. Another great feature is that you can use Buffer from other apps, like Feedly or Pocket.

12. TweetCaster

This useful Twitter app has lots of amazing features. I really like the “search party” feature that allows you to narrow down your search results, as well as the SmartLists feature for organizing your Twitter stream into lists. You can also use it to hide unwanted tweets, add effects and filters to the photos you share and sign up with unlimited Twitter accounts.

13. Twitterrific 5 for Twitter



Twitterrific 5 is designed specifically for iOS7 and you can use it to easily manage your Twitter accounts from one place. The app is very intuitive and also looks good. It has a unified timeline where you can browse through both mentions and direct messages and you can also change the way tweets are displayed to suit your needs. One of the apps’ downsides is that you have to change between accounts.

14. Status Shuffle for Facebook

If you are ever in dire need of inspiration for new status updates for Facebook, try this useful app. It has an extensive collection of statuses that you can choose from, ranging from funny to sad or simply crazy!


15. Find Unfollowers on Twitter Pro

Find Unfollowers for Twitter will help you identify all the users who unfollowed you and those who don’t follow you back. You can also use it to follow and unfollow people and track new followers, all for multiple accounts. At the moment however the app doesn’t support users with over 40,000 followers or following – looking forward to an update!

16. Echofon Pro for Twitter

Echofon Pro is a bit more expensive than other apps, but definitely worth the money for anyone using Twitter extensively. The app is fast and reliable, easy to use and has real-time push notifications. You can use it to easily manage your Twitter account and even tweet over 140 characters with their tweet extender.

17. AllSync

If you have too many friends on social networks to keep track of, this app can help you by syncing your friends from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Yahoo!, Orkut, Netlog, Plaxo and MySpace. You will be able to see all the latest updates from your friends, and find their contact information, birthdays and more.

18. Followers + for Instagram

This is a really great app, especially considering it’s free. You can use it to track all of your Instagram followers as well as all of those who have unfollowed you, as well as to identify your best and worst followers and those who aren’t following you back. It also has some interesting statistics, such as average likes per photo, Fame Value, who you like the most and many more.


19. Tweetbot for Twitter

Tweetbot is a great app for managing your Twitter directly on your iPhone. The app is easy to use and intuitive and makes it effortless to manage your Twitter accounts. Use it to tweet your latest updates, retweet other users, respond to mentions and messages and much more!

20. Scoop.it

The Scoop.it app allows you to login into your Scoop.it account and curate stories on the go. You can then easily share the stories you like on your social media accounts. It’s a very useful app for boosting your engagement.

Do you use any iPhone apps to manage your social media accounts on the go? Which ones do you prefer? Please leave your comments below!

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