Say No to Shortcuts

Whenever we got into the car with my dad for a trip that was not part of our normal routine, we got ready for adventure. Why? It wasn’t so much that our destination was that adventurous. It was the trip itself. My dad loved to devise shortcuts. The problem? They never shortened travel time. They either increased the time we spent in the car, or increased time spent in the car AND got us lost.

Keyword Research and Optimization Are Integral To Online Marketing

Keyword research and keyword optimization are not dark arts! There’s no danger of becoming “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named” if you use the tools that are available to you as they were intended to be used. It’s when you attempt to game the search engines that there will be problems. Every business does itself and their customers a disservice […]

Social Media Tips For Small Business Owners

We asked some of the SteamFeed authors to answer the following question: If you could give one or two pieces of advice to a small business owner who just signed up for their first social media account today, what would it be? Here’s what they answered:   Carrie Keenan (@carrieatthill): 1. Learn a bit about the […]

Social Media: Walk the Talk

If I’ve learned anything in social media, it is this: You have got to walk the talk. You cannot claim to be a social media expert or even an enthusiast if you do not use social media. How am I supposed to believe you when you talk about the power of social media if you […]

Learning the Wrong Lessons from Famous Innovators

Henry Ford went bankrupt in his first attempt to create the automobile. Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times in his quest to create a light bulb. Steve Jobs suffered an embarrassing and very public ouster from the company he founded. These men risked their reputations and their wealth in pursuit of big visions. If you think […]

Blitz Posting is not an Effective Social Media Practice

Social Media is not about Blitz posting (you know the folks I am talking about). Some people do absolutely no engaging with their social media community. They simply go on one of their many social networking accounts, and post about 10 to 20 posts all in a row, in the manner of a machine gun: One right after the other […]

Book Review: Invest in Social Marketology by Ric Dragon

Ric Dragon is terrifyingly smart, that’s why he wrote Social Marketology. He wanted to write a book that did not clamor about how social media is changing the world. He wanted the reader to have a book that offered a practical guide to help you organize a social media marketing process. He weaves ideas of sociology, […]

Why Yes, That Blog Post Can Help You Get a Job!

Just a decade ago, blogs were the new medium on the block. In my generation, they were used to vent about the day, stalk a school crush and share content. While generations after have continued this trend, blogs have also become an important aspect in careers: a blog is a crucial tool in the job […]

My Biggest Start-Up Challenge? Software Development.

I blog for three reasons. (1) It’s fun working on a start-up, but it’s also extremely challenging and frustrating at times. So, blogging is a catharsis. (2) I blog to share the kewl things I learn and the bone-head maneuvers I make, so that others might benefit. And (3) I blog to connect with entrepreneurial-minded […]

Invest Long-Term in Your Brand

Anyone running a business knows how tight money is. Every brand decision has to be analyzed, looked at and weighed. Risk versus reward Long-term versus Short-term Immediate need versus “Are you serious? We have bigger things to worry about”. Marketing is no different.  We have all heard about the 3 dreaded letters – ROI.  Let’s […]

How to get a recruiter’s attention through social media

If you’re a recent college graduate, or someone looking for a career change, you’re probably spending a lot of time networking, filling out job applications, and sending out résumés and cover letters. But have you ever tried getting a recruiter’s attention through social media? It’s clear that social media has now become a big part […]

Does Your Business Need an App?

Ok, I have had a few clients recently bring this up with me, so I wanted to publicly address this issue. Understandably, with the rapid growth of Smart phones and mobile technology in general, small businesses don’t want to miss out on the application bandwagon. It has come to my attention that there are many […]

How a homeless guy increased his income with one little tip

Are your marketing campaigns not bringing the results you were expecting? There could be a big reason why! In this podcast, you will discover the difference between marketing vs. selling and how just minor tweaking to your campaign could make all the difference in the world! Thanks for listening! I’ll leave you with the following […]

How You Build a Social Media Community Matters

Social Media “white hat” and “black hat” techniques continue to embroil controversy. I am still amazed at the conversations that I have had on various Social Media platforms surrounding building a business social media community. Many of you may know the terms “black hat” and “white hat” within the social media world. For those that don’t, let […]

How to convert Twitter followers into leads

When it comes to converting Twitter followers into leads, the secret to success is trial and error. The more you experiment with different social networks, the more you experiment with content, the more you experiment with timing, the better understanding you will get of what works and doesn’t work for YOUR company. You could try […]

The Why Behind the Social Media Presence

Why is your brand in social media? Take a moment, stop, think,   Is your answer, “Because everyone is doing it and I read about such and such doing amazing things there”? Do you feel like the white rabbit running with your watch, “I’m late, I’m late!”  If this sounds familiar, please stop again. That is […]

Social media boundaries: Should worlds collide?

Has the arrival of social media challenged the traditional separation between personal and work lives? What should guide the decision to allow business contacts to connect through Facebook and other social media tools that also reach friends and family? How are you personally managing the blurred lines between personal and professional lives? Mixing the professional […]

Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing: The Rules have Changed

Most customers do not like traditional outbound marketing because they view them as being intrusive. When customers want products, they want to search for them right now and locate the nearest business that can provide them with what they need. Users are much more receptive to messages delivered through inbound marketing, such as social media […]

The Truth about Social Media Numbers

Social media numbers are the wolf in sheep’s clothing of the social media forest. Think about it, you just got finished reading the latest book on how to achieve social media greatness. You  know all the tricks, know what pitfalls to look out for, and most of all it has been made clear that “the numbers” mean nothing at all […]

How New Graduates Can Break into Social Media

It’s been a few months since the class of 2012 graduated, and the job market is still a tough one to meander through. These days, new graduates feel just as pinched as older ones – except that they don’t seem to have the requisite experience needed to be able to succeed in the business world, […]