Inbound Marketing and Instant Gratification Don’t MIx

inbound marketing instant resultsHaving been in the marketing game a long time, I’ve seen a shift from clients being reasonably patient for results to expecting immediate results. A big contributor to this shift is our ability to instantaneously execute marketing campaigns and their associated measurement activities with the push of a button.

The reality today is that even though execution is instantaneous and measurement velocity has vastly improved, it still takes time to fully assess the efficacy of your marketing activities. I don’t run into many people who refute that statement – at least in discussion. Typically, where the manifestations of instant gratification pop up is right after a campaign execution.

10 Branding Lessons from Three 2013 Untraditional Brands

BrandWhen we think of brands, we tend to think of consumer products, such as, Tide detergent, Nike sportswear, Apple electronics, Starbucks drinks, or BMW automobiles. But as 2013 dawns, three events draw everyone’s attention, and as a result, these events have become international brands. Even though these three events aren’t brands in the traditional sense, there is no doubt that they can teach all businesses a thing or two about branding.

So Not, So Very – What is Social?

SocialPeople who visit my Facebook and Google+ pages know I have a propensity for using graphics and themes that revolve around the idea of items and/or actions being so “very” or so “not” social. It works well amongst my fans and it allows for sharing of educational information in an entertaining fashion.

There have been many posts that fall under those themes in 2012, by a variety of smart social individuals, so it got me thinking. What better way to round out 2012 and dive into 2013 than to try to get an understanding of what “social” means to those that engage in its practice on a daily basis? Those in the trenches, fighting the good fight to ensure social media marketing and social business remain valid, viable and valuable to our own endeavors and those of our clients.

3 Chrome extensions for a more productive email experience

email productivityI’m a big fan of Gmail and I use Google Apps for my primary email, and I think I have a productive email experience. With Google, I get about 10 gigabytes of email storage, and the fact I can search and find just about any email I’ve sent since I set up my account is enough to keep me using their service. Additionally, there is an option to add everyone I send email to right to my address book with no interaction from me. Additionally, Google is always adding to their labs with other useful features.

How to Identify the Website Platform to Meet Your Business Needs

Are you one of the 40% of US small businesses that don’t have your own website platform? Making the decision to invest in your digital hub is a big one and it’s vital that you understand your own needs before committing to the software that will run your website.
Website Platform

5 Things Holding Businesses Back From Great Content Marketing

Reactive Storytelling | Content MarketingEvery week I constantly come across people who want to discuss the power of social media and how they can make content marketing work for their business. I often chat to them about my favourite ingredients for content marketing and how video content can also drive success. While I don’t think content marketing has reached its tipping point and the formula for success isn’t found in the form of a cookie cutter, I am always open to chatting about how content and social media are changing the way we do business.

Is the third screen becoming the primary screen?

TabletGartner, a leader in media research, expects that by the end of 2012, there will have been a total of 119 million tablets sold to end users. For the longest time, the television has been the primary screen for entertainment and information. Over the last few years, even with the advent of the personal computer in the 80′s the TV has remained the primary source. Tablet computer use has spread like wildfire, but for now, they’re still classified as the “third screen”; being the third device in line that people grab to get their information.

My Social Media Lessons of 2012

social mediaThe time of the year has come. As we sift through our status updates, opt-in to apps that tell us how our year went (who are they to say that!), and strategize for the following year, it’s also time to take a look back and explore the lessons we learned in 2012. As a young social media professional learning the ropes and finding ways to improve among my peers here were some of the lessons I picked up this year:

I LOVE My Website (Part 3 of 7)

In Part 1 of our “I LOVE My Website” series, we talked about loving how your website looks, and in Part 2 we covered loving how your website works. Today let’s jump in to Part 3 to look at three things you can do so that you will, “Love its Ability to Serve Your Business.” One of the things that all business owners have in common is the need to have buyers for their products and/or services. Your website will serve your business best when it “connects” with your ideal buyer. As obvious as this is, there are still plenty of business owners who design their sites around their personal preferences rather than their prospective buyers.

Flip the Calendar with the Flipboard App

It’s impressive to hear people discussing so many platforms and apps, and how their personal and business productivity has increased.

I wonder if it’s always true. Personally I like a portion of my mind cleared of tech litter so I can make sure it is able to be productive without these tools.

We know the brain is capable of incredible things. I still count on it to keep track of certain tasks {gasp}. However I do bookmark a bounty of websites, apps and platforms to investigate.  Admittedly some might only get a sliver of my time. But when a tech tool seizes my attention, it’s usually for two reasons: the intuitive user experience and its ability to seamless integrate into my thought process.  I enjoy having a worthwhile tool as a natural extension of my thought and learning process.

When Looking Ahead to 2013, Don’t Forget Where You’ve Been.

As we approach the end of 2012 and look towards a New Year in 2013, let’s not forget all of what we have accomplished in the past year. Often times here on Steamfeed I talk about social and digital being long-term investments, and that Social Media is not necessarily a quick fix. But that doesn’t mean the work and effort you have already put forth shouldn’t be recognized or appreciated.

Brydging the Gap

Go to any electronic store, in person or online, and you will find a dozen of different iPad cases and keyboards. Some are good, while others aren’t worth the packaging they came in. One that finally started shipping this month, however, is not only worth its production value, Social Media and Crowd Funding helped create it.

Getting Started in Internet Radio

Lately I have been having more and more conversations with colleagues regarding the speed with which social media and the technology that drives it is coming at us. Within that social bucket we can add creating content in various, creative manners. Going beyond the staple of social media sites we know such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and G+, we can add sites like Pinterest, Listly, Scoopit, as well as many more. Differentiate from that video, and you are pretty much utilizing a well rounded array of content platforms. Right…wrong, your not hitting the internet radio, or podcast target. There is a lot of juice that comes with the podcast, internet radio addition in your Social Media tool kit.

Merry Christmas To All!

Daniel Hebert and I wanted to take a moment and wish everyone in the SteamFeed community a wonderful Christmas! “From home to home, and heart to heart, from one place to another. The warmth and joy of Christmas brings us closer to each other.”

5 Reasons Why Santa Would Love Twitter

Twitter would be the perfect social sharing platform for Santa Claus. Below I give you the 5 reasons why Santa would love using Twitter and how it would help you. He could keep that naughty and nice list updated all year (watch out auto DM person with a link to your latest ebook when we’ve never even had a conversation. You’re getting coal my friend…

23 Tips For Optimizing Your Email Campaigns

Email CampaignWith all the buzz around content marketing, liquid content, social media and more, its easy to forget or put aside some of the more tried and true methods of reaching an audience in favor of leveraging the latest or newest “shiny object”.

Email campaigns are still a great low cost, high return tactic that all businesses should be using. However, there is little doubt that all emails campaigns are not created equal and failure to optimize will yield poor results.

Consider the following 23 tips to ensure your email marketing campaigns count and deliver results.

Why you should upgrade to WordPress 3.5 ASAP

As you know WordPress 3.5 was released on Dec. 11th. Aside from all the main reasons you should always keep your WordPress version up to date, I want to share with you some drastic reasons on why you should make the updates ASAP. 1. The Media Manager / Gallery Abilities OMG. This is the moment […]

Why I love Reddit

RedditIf you are reading this, the world didn’t end. Since it didn’t end, what better way to celebrate than to talk about Reddit. You’re probably sitting here thinking “I’m on SteamFeed right now reading about awesome social media ideas, and this guy just brought up Reddit!?! SRSLY?”

You’re right. I’m sure a lot of you have heard about Reddit, and the few that have actually visited Reddit probably just hit that back arrow and ran. I get it. I did it too. The interface looks like it was created in some kids basement in the late 90′s, and the comment flow is almost like an AOL chatroom gone wrong. So why am I addicted to Reddit? Why are my clients seeing great results due to my new found addiction? Well, in a word I would say; Content. But honestly there is a lot more to it than that.

Five Ways Businesses Can Dip their Feet in the Geo-Marketing Water

Geo-MarketingMany businesses overlook location-based marketing and focus on things like Twitter and Facebook. While these two channels may sit at the top of the food chain in terms of number of users and traction; location based marketing cannot be overlooked. While business owners may not understand why someone would ever want to be the mayor of your restaurant, you have to appreciate and understand that this behaviour and thinking is happening in your back yard.

Social location services such as Gowalla, Foursquare, Yelp! and Facebook Places are further promoting the idea of “check-ins” and are keeping the fire going on geo location marketing. These startups and businesses recognize that customers are using their mobile devices more and more to find everything.

Social Media Not Working For You? Here’s Why!

Many a reputation has been tarnished by an offensive tweet or insulting post. While lack of judgement can be attributed to the social media undoing of celebrities and brands alike, it is the daily recurring faux-pas that can keep your social media marketing from accelerating and your business from benefiting.