Inbound Marketing and Instant Gratification Don’t MIx

Inbound marketing instant gratification

Having been in the marketing game a long time, I’ve seen a shift from clients being reasonably patient for results to expecting immediate results. A big contributor to this shift is our ability to instantaneously execute marketing campaigns and their associated measurement activities with the push of a button. The reality today is that even though execution is instantaneous … [Read more...]

10 Branding Lessons from Three 2013 Untraditional Brands

When we think of brands, we tend to think of consumer products, such as, Tide detergent, Nike sportswear, Apple electronics, Starbucks drinks, or BMW automobiles. But as 2013 dawns, three events draw everyone’s attention, and as a result, these events have become international brands. Even though these three events aren’t brands in the traditional sense, there is no doubt that … [Read more...]

So Not, So Very – What is Social?


People who visit my Facebook and Google+ pages know I have a propensity for using graphics and themes that revolve around the idea of items and/or actions being so "very" or so "not" social. It works well amongst my fans and it allows for sharing of educational information in an entertaining fashion. There have been many posts that fall under those themes in 2012, by a … [Read more...]

3 Chrome extensions for a more productive email experience

email productivity

I'm a big fan of Gmail and I use Google Apps for my primary email, and I think I have a productive email experience. With Google, I get about 10 gigabytes of email storage, and the fact I can search and find just about any email I've sent since I set up my account is enough to keep me using their service. Additionally, there is an option to add everyone I send email to right to … [Read more...]

How to Identify the Website Platform to Meet Your Business Needs

Website Platform

Are you one of the 40% of US small businesses that don't have your own website platform? Making the decision to invest in your digital hub is a big one and it's vital that you understand your own needs before committing to the software that will run your website. Know What Your Business Needs Are - Before Talking To Anyone Sit down and map out exactly what you need to achieve … [Read more...]