How To Use Content to Shorten Your Sales Cycle


One of the biggest challenges businesses who adopt the practice of inbound marketing face is creating a consistent flow of new and relevant content.  There’s a lot at stake here – especially if the company culture has embraced the fact that content, preferably an ample supply of it, has a big impact on site traffic increases, qualified lead volume and revenue gains. photo … [Read more...]

Do You Know The Basics of Selling Online?

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I remember that evening when I set up my first online shopping cart with e-Junkie and PayPal several years ago. What was really exciting is waking up to several sales and the money from those transactions deposited in my PayPal account. It was the closest thing I’d experienced to “making money while I slept.” Since those early days I come a long way in my understanding … [Read more...]

5 Must Listens About Social Design

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Thus far, I've written fairly intense do/do not articles dealing with social etiquette and social business best practices. Going forward I'll be adding social design to my "topics covered" and thought it might be refreshing if I lightened up a bit. Thus, my intention to share five of my favorite design listens. People who design, be it graphics, web sites, furniture, … [Read more...]

How to Be a Networking Superhero

networking superhero

To prospect for new business, and to learn from others, I spend a lot of time at networking events, many events which are held where I office at the Hudson Business Lounge in downtown Milwaukee. And I have been networking for as long as I can remember, and while it now comes very naturally for me, others aren't as skilled in networking. And while there is no perfect formula to … [Read more...]

Five Must-Read Business Books for 2013

Business Books

Most of us have large reading lists. There are the case studies our bosses would like us to read. There are the trade publications, whether in print format or online PDF, that we need to read to keep up with industry trends. There are the e-zines that appear in our email boxes in a never-ending stream. And, of course, there are the books we’d love to read in our leisure time – … [Read more...]