Print Marketing Is Not Dead!

One of my first posts on this site was about integrating your marketing. Put simply, [integrated marketing] is combining every form of advertising and communication into one strategy, spread across various forms of media. – You can read the full story here I used various examples from combining different social media avenues to direct mail. […]

Grow Your Twitter Conversation with @Nestivity

As a Social Media professional, I get involved in a lot of Twitter chats. On average, the chats are interesting and I enjoy them, but, every so often, I come across one that I wish would go on past the allotted time. I wish that there were a way to manage and curate the conversation […]

Relationships – The First and Last Responsibility of Any Business

An experience this past week drove home the importance of fostering meaningful relationships in business. Even if you sell lots of widgets to satisfied customers, something will eventually go wrong. Perhaps the wrong order, a damaged shipment or an over charge. The outcome of such mis-haps have more to do with the strength and quality […]

Big Data – The Truth in Action

Big data is on the tip of many people’s tongues today and why shouldn’t it be? We use primarily digital information devices to process most of our communication, so it would seem to be a natural premise that we harvest that data to get a clear snap shot of probable results. Whether you frown on […]

Five Questions to Propel Your Leadership Forward

Running a business is more difficult today than ever before. If you’re a CEO or President, you have to worry about revenues, ROI, personnel, product development or service enhancements, and most challenging of all, creating satisfied and repeat customers. But if you’re a first-time manager, you often don’t get the training you need to be […]

Book Review: “Content Chemistry” is a Lab Success

There’s kind of a mad genius you should know. Andy Crestodina, Principal and Strategic Director of Orbit Media.  I gave you a toolbox in my last post for creating visual content so now I’m going to point you in the right direction to get a excellent grasp on content marketing and writing: Crestodina’s book Content Chemistry. For […]

Don’t Network, Tell a Story

I spent the first two weeks of my February at the New Zealand Chinese Association Leadership Development Conference. Aside from being able to leave the country for a little rest and relaxation, I was able to network, collaborate and get to know 40 ambitious future leaders mainly from New Zealand, Australia and nearby Fiji. We’re […]

10 Tips For Optimizing Pinterest For Business

In the last year or two, Pinterest has grown to become one of the most popular social networking sites on the web. This was true among general users – the site gained tens of millions of users in 2012, becoming one of the most used social media channels in the process – but it was […]

The Small Business Owner’s Guide to “Speaking SEO”

SEO can be a very powerful tool for small businesses, one that I believe should be the foundation for any online marketing efforts,  but the SEO industry can be a challenging one for any business owner or marketer that is new to it. On top of false claims, scams, and misinformation that are unfortunately part […]

10 Ways to Share Your Brand with Your Audience

As a brand guy, I believe every touch point is an opportunity for an audience to interact with a brand. I also believe that brands are living, breathing things that grow, change and evolve. Companies try to control their brand, but truth be told brands belong to their audience and not to the brand itself. […]

Personal Connection Strategy – How and Why to Create One

Who do you connect with – and how do you decide who to invest your precious time in really getting to know? Are you consciously thinking about it – or do you just accidentally meet people and connect with some people, and not with others, and you don’t really know why? If you do, you […]

Entrepreneurs Must Have a Supportive Spouse if Launching a Startup

I am an entrepreneur and I have the most amazing wife in the world. The support I get from her is incredible. If you’re an entrepreneur and you’re working on a startup, you WILL need moral support (at a minimum) from your spouse – without it, well, I can’t even imagine how that would work. An incredibly […]

4 Overlooked Habits of Highly Effective Content Marketers

This day and age everyone wants to understand how to use content to achieve measurable success. Do you want to be a successful content marketer? Do you want to know the secrets to creating great content? Well who wouldn’t, right? After working with a handful of brands ranging from Fortune 500 companies to mom & pop shops […]

How To Get More Referrals

There is a lady I know that has been running her service based business for the past 8 years. She has never had to put a dime into advertising. She always has gotten new customers through word of mouth referrals. She always appeared to have more than enough business and an endless waiting list of […]

Pinterest Addiction: Why Businesses Can’t Get Enough of This Social Site

With over 1090 visitors per minute, Pinterest has established itself as a viable social media tool in a business marketer’s tool belt. Not only are consumers spending their time on the site (upwards of 90 minutes per month), they are also spending more money and at a higher frequency than they do on any of the other top five social […]

4 Reasons Why Twitter Is So Important To Bloggers

There are many routes to drive traffic to your blog.  Google Organic is great, but that takes time.  For most bloggers social plays a key role.  Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Plus certainly have their place.  However, the undisputed champion is Twitter.  Twitter is so important to Bloggers and it’s the engine that drives traffic back […]

Why Personal Branding Is Crucial for Your Small Business Success

Business owner! Every morning when you enter your business, do you think about yourself as a brand? If your answer is no, please read on. I’ll try my best to convince you about why personal branding is crucial for your business success. [This is the second article in a series about personal branding. Read the […]

Crisis communications: What’s your plan?

Last month’s Applebees social media meltdown played out right alongside the Super Bowl. A couple of weeks ago, the Girl Scouts of America lost an opportunity to build bridges via social media and instead chose to stick to what many judged to be an archaic policy instead of getting with the times and technology. photo […]

Top 3 YouTube SEO Tips : Get More Views!

So you’ve made a YouTube video and you’re really proud of it. You post it on YouTube and get five views (and those are from your Mom). What went wrong? Most likely it’s because the video wasn’t search engine optimized for YouTube. Today, we are going to look at three YouTube SEO tips for  optimizing […]

How to Set S.M.A.R.T. Business Goals For Google+

There are two trends building momentum as we roll further into 2013. The first is that Google+ is HOT. This “ghost town” is now a bustling metropolis with communities and hangouts on every block. Even my stauch Facebook friends are showing up regularly. The second is that Social Business buzz is getting louder. Businesses are starting to grasp […]