Print Marketing Is Not Dead!


One of my first posts on this site was about integrating your marketing. Put simply, [integrated marketing] is combining every form of advertising and communication into one strategy, spread across various forms of media. - You can read the full story here I used various examples from combining different social media avenues to direct mail. Some people might take the … [Read more...]

Grow Your Twitter Conversation with @Nestivity


As a Social Media professional, I get involved in a lot of Twitter chats. On average, the chats are interesting and I enjoy them, but, every so often, I come across one that I wish would go on past the allotted time. I wish that there were a way to manage and curate the conversation beyond the confines of Twitter or my preferred Social Media dashboard. It would seem that … [Read more...]

Relationships – The First and Last Responsibility of Any Business


An experience this past week drove home the importance of fostering meaningful relationships in business. Even if you sell lots of widgets to satisfied customers, something will eventually go wrong. Perhaps the wrong order, a damaged shipment or an over charge. The outcome of such mis-haps have more to do with the strength and quality of the relationship than anything … [Read more...]

Big Data – The Truth in Action

Big Data

Big data is on the tip of many people's tongues today and why shouldn't it be? We use primarily digital information devices to process most of our communication, so it would seem to be a natural premise that we harvest that data to get a clear snap shot of probable results. Whether you frown on the word because of all the proposed hype or feel it has been in existence now for … [Read more...]

Five Questions to Propel Your Leadership Forward


Running a business is more difficult today than ever before. If you're a CEO or President, you have to worry about revenues, ROI, personnel, product development or service enhancements, and most challenging of all, creating satisfied and repeat customers. But if you're a first-time manager, you often don't get the training you need to be effective - most often, first-timers are … [Read more...]