27 Ways Your Business Can Use Twitter’s Vine App

vineI firmly believe in the visual revolution that we are currently experiencing video must be a key component of your overall marketing strategy. At first glance the Vine App might seem to be more of a toy than a useful business tool, but remember how people viewed Twitter 4 years ago? It’s true that the Vine app only allows you to shoot 6 second video clips but it also allows you to start and stop the video recording, making for some really exciting possibilities such as stop motion and time lapse. Today I wanted to give you some ideas on how Vine can fit into the marketing tool kit for your business.

27 Ways Your Business Can Use Vine

Real Estate

  1. Property walk through
  2. 360 degree view of  the outside of a property (looking at the house or it’s view)
  3. Property’s key selling points

Cafe’s and Restaurants

  1. Location tour
  2. 360 degree view of a pastry or dish
  3. Stop motion of making a dish
  4. Stop motion of making coffee or Latte Art
  5. Introduction of the staff
  6. Message to your patrons
  7. Daily item profile

Apparel or Shoe Store

  1. 360 degree view of shoes
  2. 15 outfits in 6 seconds
  3. Shoes walking from different angles
  4. Stop motion of shoes or clothes walking (by themselves)
  5. Stop motion of Manikin dressing itself

Before and After

  1. Landscape Maintenance
  2. Haircuts
  3. Makeup
  4. Dog Grooming


  1. Quick tips
  2. How To (Quick cuts of steps to complete task.)
  3. Motivational quote

For Fun (Any Business)

  1. Voice over (1 person talks the other mouths the words.)
  2. Time lapse or stop motion of anything (get creative)
  3. Short skits (back and forth between 2 or 3 people)
  4. first person view of a task
  5. Song loop

One thing to keep in mind when recording Vines is that loops (when you can’t tell the beginning from the end), in my experience, seem to be watched longer and liked more often than non loops. The easiest way to accomplish this is to make your last frame look like your first frame or make it a natural progression back to the first frame of your Vine video.

Twitter’s Vine App is fun but it can also be a great business tool. How is your business using vine? Do you have a Vine tip? Please share one below.

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