3 Facebook Tools That Save You Time

facebook toolsAre you time poor? I sure am. It’s my own fault though. Every time I start to feel like I’m almost on top of everything, I take on another challenge. If you’ve taken on the challenge of maintaining and managing a Facebook page I have 3 Facebook tools you should be using. They will provide easy tricks and resources to save time on your business Facebook page. They’ll also free you up to enjoy your social media for what it’s best for ~ Being social.

You may already know about one or all of these tools. But if you’ve got a Facebook page you should be using them to make the most of your time. You can even benefit from real-time marketing if you use them diligently.

There are dozens of third-party tools and resources out there.  However these are native Facebook tools which will not only increase your efficiency but will also contribute to improving your Edgerank.

3 Facebook Tools You Should Be Using


1. Facebook Scheduling

You can schedule up to six months worth of Facebook activity in advance using this tool. As you find stuff (articles, images, videos) that you’d like to share with your Facebook page fans, just collect it and save it somewhere. Then you can block out half an hour and schedule weeks and weeks worth of Facebook posts. Then with that out of the way you can just check your notifications and have fun being social with the people interacting with your age. The real advantage of using Facebook’s native scheduling tool instead of a third-party app like Buffer or Hootsuite is that Facebook will reward you with a better Edgerank for using it.

2. Facebook Pages Manager App

This tool allows you to stay on top of your Facebook page’s notifications where ever you are. The owner of my local pub knows as soon as I have posted a comment on their page and she replies back immediately. It’s important to use this tool instead of just the regular Facebook smartphone app, because by using this tool you are posting, replying, commenting and sharing as your page instead of as your personal profile.

3. The Facebook ‘Like’ Box

This one won’t improve you efficiency or save you time. It will just make it easy and inviting for people to ‘Like’ your page. I’m sure that you have seen them on other sites and have wondered how you can get one for your site. It’s really easy [check out how I did it in the video below]. Just click on this link: The Facebook Like Box and paste your full Facebook page URL (make sure you have set your Vanity URL first) into the top field. Then click ‘Get Code’, copy that code and then paste it where you want it to appear on the back end of your website. If you don’t have access to the back end of your website simply paste that code into an email to your website provider. Then just let them know where on your site you want it to appear.

I hope that you enjoy this video I made for you to show you how to use these:

3 Facebook Tools You Should Be Using


So have you been using these tools? Did you like my video? I hope that you have found this helpful and will share this article and the video with your social networks. I’m sure that one of your friends or followers has been wondering about one, or all of these. So please be social and help them out. I’d love you to leave a comment below and would like to invite you to contact me if you have any questions about how to get the most from your Facebook page. Thanks for reading and sharing. See you back here next week.


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Matt Crawford

Matt Crawford

Digital Media Advisor at Social Strategies
Matt Crawford is a marketing executive with an accomplished career in digital media sales. His background is in the B2B sector and he has extensive experience in retail management and hospitality. Matt has worked with national and international brands as well as small to medium enterprises to help develop effective digital marketing strategies. His down to earth approach makes it easy for businesses to communicate their objectives and consequently achieve their goals.
Matt Crawford
Matt Crawford
Matt Crawford

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