3 Reasons to Dust Off Your Google Plus Business Page

“Google Claus” has left a bagful of presents under the tree last Christmas.

(You can see all the goodies at GPlusResource.com)

Android users especially, must have been very good boys and girls.

But Google saved the best for the new year when businesses get….

     1. To interact with profile pages regardless if they’ve been circled by them.

     2. To advertise their Pages via AdWords Express on sites outside of Google Plus.

     3. To measure social interaction on their pages

Google Plus Business Page

When G+ rolled out its Brand Pages in November 2011, I felt it was an improvement over Facebook Pages. But getting people to circle your Business Page was more challenging partly because you couldn’t do such things as hold promotions and contests to pull people in and of course, the mass of people weren’t there.

Building a following on a Google Plus Business Page  involves lots of content creation,  emails and cross platform promotion.

Businesses were justifiably resistant to jump onto yet another platform when so much of their resources were already committed to managing their FaceBook Page.

For small business and solopreneurs, the SEO benefits didn’t justify the additional work.

Even I struggled with my Google Plus Page strategy.

That is about to change. I’m now paying serious attention to my Google Plus NewRayCom page and here’s 3 reasons why you should too:


1. Google+ Pages are people too

Unlike Facebook, Google+ Brand Pages will have the ability to interact and engage with any  Google+ user.
This will open up more engagement opportunities and increase chances that users will add business pages to their Circles.

Already rolled out in some area of the US on December 27th, G+ Pages will be able to comment on, +1, and re-share posts from personal profiles of people who have not circled them.

Like Twitter, only better…

Along with being able to circle anyone and have access to their content, being able to interact on someone’s personal profile allows us the opportunity to provide answers and share our expertise.

All we need to do is monitor posts for relevant questions and topics.

This screenshot below is taken from Mark Traphagen‘s post: Google+ Pages Can Now Act as Real People.

It illustrates how he was able to write a comment on Monica Wright’s G+ post even though she hadn’t circled his G+ Brand Page, Virante Search Marketing.



2. Promote your Google+ page with AdWords Express

Google is offering small businesses using its AdWords Express service a way to promote their Google+ pages.

According to Christian Oestlien of Google:

They can attract new customers and followers with ads that run across Google (on Search and Maps, for instance), and across the web (on the Google Display Network)
– And of course, we only show these promotions when they’re appropriate
– not overwhelming people with random ads when they’re trying to spend time with friends.”

Or as Google VP Bradley Horowitz said, “not having some guy walking through your conversation wearing a sandwich board.”

Page promotion with AdWords Express is initially available to local businesses in the U.S., but will roll it out more broadly in the weeks and months ahead. Eligible businesses will see an “Advertise” link on their Google+ page.

Google AdWords Express


3. Google to Launch Dedicated Google+ Analytics Tool

In the coming weeks, Google will introduce its version of insights for Google+ Brand Pages.
This will give you access to as much data as possible about your Page and +1 activity.
You’ll know who’s interacting with your Page, fan demographics, and information about fan activities like +1′s, shares, and comments.

There had been a rush of Google+ improvements over the last few weeks.

Google is serious about social. It’s shown this through their search algorithm changes, prioritizing content and authorship over links.  Google+ Google.

Check out this video by Ronnie Bincer where he discusses the big news for Brands.

Google Plus Pages Updated Brand Pages have more value now

The question that is raised the most about Brands being able to interact with personal profiles is:

“Will this result in our feeds being filled with spam?”

What do you think? Please leave a comment below!

Ray Hiltz
Ray Hiltz is a Google Plus specialist and Social Media Strategist with management roots in restaurant, hotel and performing arts. Ray writes about social media, social business and Google Plus on his blog: rayhiltz.com. His clients include hotels, restaurants, consulting firms, entrepreneurs, writers and freelancers. Ray is a popular speaker on Social Media, Social Business and Google+.
Ray Hiltz
Ray Hiltz

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