3 Simple SEO Tips For People Managing Their Own Websites

origin_5267464508 (3)Do you manage your own website? If so, working on managing your own SEO can be very time consuming. This is not to say that it can’t be done, but sometimes SEO gets tossed to the side with other things going on in your business. To help you, I have 3 simple SEO tips that will help your efforts to stand out online.

1. Meta Tags

Meta tags are the words that you see at the top of the tab when you open up a page. They are usually the keywords that directly reflect what your business is about, and sometimes what city you are based in. This can also include the Meta Tag Description. Meta Tag Description is a short one or two sentence description that you can add into your website header. I also try to use one or two of the most searched keywords in this description to help with SEO. If you use WordPress, most themes come with preset areas for these descriptions.

  • Meta Tag Example: If you go to www.k3tech.com, in the tab you will see the words: Atlanta Web Design | Atlanta SEO | Web Design by K-3 Technologies. K-3 Technologies has taken the top three keywords that drive the most searches in the Atlanta area, and have included them right at the top of their tab.
  • Meta Description Example: www.allgoodplumbing.com is a local plumbing company in Atlanta. Their meta tag description is “AllGood Plumbing offers Atlanta plumbing services with expert professional plumbers for plumbing, drain cleaning services, sewer line repair, and water heater installation. Call 678-430-3671 today.” The keyword of “atlanta plumbing” is in the description, along with a phone number so that if this website comes up in a search, the searcher will have a phone number to call right away.

2. Keyword Density

Now that you have these 4 or 5 amazing keywords that you have used in your Meta Tags, you should also be using them on your home page content.  I know some of the keywords can sound sort of funny in regular everyday talk, but it really is important for you to add one or two of the keywords into your home page content for SEO purposes.

  • Keyword Density Example: Check back with www.allgoodplumbing.com again. If you noticed, hidden in the content, “Atlanta plumber” is used twice. If it had been used more than that, it would have looked like keyword stuffing. Once or twice in the content should be enough to help move your SEO efforts up inside of Google.
  • No Content Example: Say your homepage does not have a lot of content. A great example is www.celebrityonpaces.com. There is very little content on the page. When you scroll down you will see four boxes. Under “Blog” I was able to squeeze “Atlanta clothing” into the content. This may only be one of the keywords for this website, but all it takes is one person searching for those words and they will find this site.

3. Copyscape

Now that you have updated your meta tags, meta description, and added keywords to your website, time to check out Copyscape. Every month or so, put your website in to the search box and see if anyone has copied your content. Or, in worst case scenario you have copied someone else’s content. This is a great tool to keep in your back pocket to ensure that someone else isn’t using what you have created.

  • Example: I actually had a website that was created with original content that was copied word for word by another company on the West Coast. They literally copied the theme, website, and content, but changed all of the pictures and contact information. The only way I found it was through a website like Copyscape. This was handled easily with a cease and desist letter.

SEO efforts do not always mean having to pay someone to do it for you. You can get your hands dirty with these three simple steps to get started. If you see your efforts paying off, and you feel that you are spending too much time on SEO, then hire out to get help.

What simple tips do you have for SEO newbies? There is so much to learn about SEO, we could be passing tips and tricks for years!

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Laurie Thompson
Laurie currently owns and operates SiteMast, which is where WordPress Web Design and Social Media meet. She also is a project manager and social media manager for K-3 Technologies in Atlanta. Diet Coke addict, Iowa Cyclones Football supporter, and animal lover. Can't wait to connect with everyone!
Laurie Thompson

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