3 Steps to Hashtags on Vine

Using hashtags on Vine is crucial in your social media strategy. The first step is to get involved in what is already going on and jump into the stream of conversation that is taking place. In my last article, 3 Tips for Vine App Users, I suggested that you have to participate and get involved in the conversation while creating some content that helped connect you at a deeper level to the community. In this 4 part series we are going to take a deeper look at how to do just that.


The emergence of Categories stirred some debate about whether or not hashtags would be a thing of the past. I still believe that hashtags are the best way to participate in and create community on Vine. Categories are also a key component in finding success on Vine. Hashtags are not overshadowed by this fact rather they are amplified by it.

I am going use one of my own hashtags as a case study on how you can use participation as a spring board to creation:

Vine-Song-CollabStep 1: Participate and Play

I have watched many people participate in the #SongCollab hashtag (Which I started in the early days of Vine) and as a result become inspired to start their own “spinoff” hashtag communities. My advice is to find hashtags that you can identify with and start participating. This is one of the quickest roads to community building and inspiration.

Step 2: Birth Your Idea

Two of the “spinoffs” to #SongCollab were #NoseGuitar (started by Jayson Aldridge) and #SelfCollab (First spotted with Socrates Perez Jr.).

Aldridge started NoseGuitar as way for guitarists to play and record the guitar at the same time by placing their iPhone ( Or Android phone) on the the top of their guitar and pressing down with their nose. This is not as easy as it sounds and takes some practice but today this hashtag has thousands of posts with daily participation.

Perez was the first person I saw do SelfCollab which serves as a way to build a song with different parts by using one device to record and another to play the previous recording.  This has served as a tool for people to see and enjoy each others music and even add harmonies to existing #SelfCollab projects.

Step 2.5 Nurture Your Idea

After you have birthed your hashtag into the world it’s very important to nurture it. Spend as much time as you can posting content but most importantly nurturing the relationship you have with your followers and those participating in the hashtag by liking, commenting and ReVining.

Step 3: Let Your Idea Go

So you created this awesome hashtag and tons of people are participating in it and now it’s time to let it go. Ya you heard me right don’t hold on to your hashtag so tight that you don’t give it the room to breathe and become something of it’s own. The goal is to let your hashtag become a community that you are a participant in and NOT the OWNER of. Don’t get me wrong the core people will always remember you as the one that gave birth to the idea but in order for it to evolve in to something truly great it needs be owned by everyone.

How do you use hashtags to build community on Vine? What are some of your favorite Vine hashtags?

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