3 Tips for Vine App Users

vine app tipsOver the past 2 months I spent at least 150 hours getting to know Twitters new Vine App. In that time, I have learned three things that can really help enhance your experience on the platform while making your efforts much more successful.

3 Vine Tips

These are three of the most effective and important things I have learned while using Vine:

Vine Tip 1: Participate

Find Something

When I say participate, I of course mean the usual follow other users, like posts and comment on interesting content. But it’s so much more than that. Participation on Vine comes down to becoming a part of the larger community. It’s about learning the DNA of Vine and finding the strand that you can identify with the most. Once you have found the appropriate niche, then start finding ways you can participate. One great example is Nicholas Megalis who started something called #singwhatyousee.

Start Something

As a result of participating in the singing niche or #singwhatyousee (with a parody video) my children and I  started our own thread and contest called #6SecSong. We had over 50 people participate by making their own singing vines. It’s been fun, truly engaging and community driven.

Vine Tip 2: Create

Start creating Vines right away! Creating your own content is easily the most important aspect. You will learn so much about what is possible with the Vine app and it gives people a reason to follow you when they view your profile.

Try something new

Try something new in a vine until it sticks. When I say new, I mean try something totally new that you would have never even considered doing before. Those are the Vines that have the greatest opportunity of turning into something that will make the Popular Page. To help get your creative juices flowing, below is an example of trying something new, something no one tried before. I called it #puppetman.

Vine Tip 3: Celebrate

Once you start creating new, fun and original content you will start seeing more and more people follow you. When this happens it’s very important to remember to celebrate. Celebrating at every 100 followers and then every 1,000 followers is very important. When you celebrate landmarks it causes people to want to be a part of that celebration by following you. I have watched myself and others grow by over 1,000 followers in the preceding 24 hours after a celebration post.

Remember to Participate, Create and Celebrate and you will be off to a great start on the Vine App.

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