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  1. katerinagasset says:

    I think that a very important place to spend time is on forums and online communities that are related to your niche or your business. For real estate agents posting articles to ActiveRain is a huge benefit as Google sees ActiveRain as a real estate community. So seek out online communities with decent pagerank to contribute to and also to build relationships on.

  2. Great job Steven. I love the comment about not posting and running. Ahhh so many don't understand it is not a broadcasting platform (no matter LI, FB or whatever). The power is in the engagment. Nicely done my freind…

  3. Hi Gerry – We see it everyday. The broadcaster. He and she are not shy about posting on any and every network. I don't get it, we'll communicate with the people that want to communicate. :)

  4. Be, you know, SOCIAL!

    I'll admit that I sometimes fall off the planet some days because I get busy with my job, but I always try to make up for it and not feel too guilty when I'm not around online.

  5. Steven, thank you for the benefit of your experience [and] your wise counsel! I will be implementing the many gems contained in the is post post haste. ~Stephanie

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