4 Reasons Why You Would Link Your Facebook and Twitter Accounts

As a business owner, it probably falls on you to do most of the tasks required to keep the business running (keeping appointments, bookkeeping, sales, and so on). As such, you may be on the lookout for ways to simplify tasks, especially on social media, which requires proper strategies and can take up valuable time if not properly accounted for. Linking your Facebook account to your Twitter feed is one good idea (even though many tout, even vehemently rant, that you should not do this), and anytime you post on Facebook, the update shows up on Twitter as well.

More to the time savings, linking your Facebook and Twitter accounts comes with its own benefits, four of which we have explained below:


1. It is social to do so

The very purpose for using social media is to engage with others and be social. By linking Facebook and Twitter, you have taken nothing away from that purpose. Your updates, be they blog posts, news, comments are shared on both accounts, and you can now use your valuable and limited time to reply individually to feedback that comes back on either account; to focus on the conversation generated or even generate conversation by highlighting what you like best/worst or even giving them some tidbits of the “behind the scenes” of the post.

Now, being social only works if you dedicate time to log in to each account and take stock of the comments and feedback left by viewers. Sometimes the best way to create that time is to automate “some things” so that you can fully engage in the social side – yourself.

2. Saves time

Where you have limited time to be on social media and want to reach out to Facebook and Twitter followers at the same time, linking the two accounts makes sense. Your Facebook update will show up as a tweet on Twitter, allowing you to deposit information in both accounts.

Understand – it is information you’re sharing. Relationship building is the next step and as a time stressed entrepreneur – I would save any moment I have on relationship building and not waste it on the information depositing.

3. Helps build Facebook fan page traffic

Linking the two accounts helps build your Facebook fan page traffic. Remember that Twitter sets its character limit at 140, a far cry from Facebook’s 5,000 characters limit. Thus, where your Facebook updates are longer than Twitter’s limit, they’ll give a link to the actual Facebook post. Some viewers will click through and want to read the full update, and to leave feedback, they’ll have to like your page. Not only do you get feedback, that’s one more person that likes your brand!

I know there are those that rant they “will never click on a FB link” in a twitter tweet. If they’re not your target market, do you care?

Unless it is absolutely necessary, keep your posts within the 140 characters limit. This limit makes it easier for you to get straight to the point, as well as keep you creative.

4. Gives you time to learn about Twitter

Facebook and Twitter may have shared goals, but are two very different beasts. Facebook is friend/relationship based. It’s a place for you and friends to hang out and share pictures. Its wide reach has however necessitated the need to take a business-friendly approach, and through business pages many owners can reach out to the masses.

Twitter, on the other hand, is a very powerful platform for a business. It has great tools one can use to drive up engagement, and its tweet, hashtag, and chat features compare to no other. However, not many businesses have learnt how to harness the power of Twitter, individually, for their marketing purposes.

My friend, Dennis Yu, said it best when he said, “Facebook is about WHO; Google+ is about WHAT; Twitter is about WHEN.”

If you haven’t fully understood how Twitter can work for you, linking the two accounts allows you to be active and engaged with followers even as you slowly come to appreciate the value of Twitter. This way, you won’t be forced to rush into things and provides you a “briefing period” where you can become better acclimated to the platform.

Disregard the ranters, the twitter police/gestapo, or the well-meaning “guru, oracle, expert, whisperer or gunslinger” and focus on what your strategy is for being on a platform. Know the audience you serve. Know how you, your product or your service benefit them. Know how they search for what you provide and spend your time really understanding their needs, problems and challenges.

I was in the lunch line at SMX Social Marketing Conference with Marty Weintraub, of AimClear, and I really loved what he said and agree with it 100% – people who have “social media problems” don’t have “social media problems”. What they have are marketing problems.

Every business is unique, and will venture into social media in its own way. By linking Facebook and Twitter, you get to engage with your audience, drive up traffic for your Facebook page, all while slowly learning how best to make use of Twitter. Linking the two doesn’t have to be disastrous as many would make it sound like. If it gives you the opportunity to focus on being social, being human and aligns with your marketing goals or even if it provides “temporary time management” as you immerse yourself into the platform then – go for it!  If they don’t know your marketing goals, then they don’t know your definition of success (and that is what matters)!

Maria Elena Duron

Maria Elena Duron

Marketing Strategist at Know, Like + Ignite
Maria Elena Duron is a connector, trainer and coach. Small Business Owners that work with Maria Elena develop a profitable relationship building system, appeal to their brand advocates, and increase sales. Take the uncertainty out of how your personal and business brand delivers business -Get Your Checklist.
Maria Elena Duron
Maria Elena Duron
Maria Elena Duron

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