4 Things Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Needs

Marketing has changed and is constantly changing. It’s because the marketplace continues to evolve. Some tactics that worked a treat only a few years ago just don’t cut it anymore. Social media marketing has become widely accepted as a necessary marketing strategy. However I see businesses every day using old school marketing tactics on social media. If you want to get it right, there are 4 things your social media marketing strategy needs to succeed.

Pinterest-marketing-e1351692268544Rob Hartnett the author of ‘Small Business, Big Opportunity’ says that there are 3 types of people in business:

1. Those who make it happen

2. Those who watch it happen

3. And those who say: “What happened?”

Do you want to make it happen through social media? If so, starting a Facebook page and Twitter account for your business, then posting sales messages and promotions won’t work. Unlike traditional marketing it’s not just about the media. It’s gotta be ‘Social’. So here are 4 things your social media marketing strategy needs to keep it social and to connect with your market.


When deciding on your content, remember that the purpose of the content should be to help your audience solve a problem, entertain them, and provide valuable insights. We want the content to attract people and to start a conversation.


Now that your content has achieved the desired result the conversation begins. This is where it starts to get social. When you get a response to a post, have a chat. Get to know your audience and let them get to know you and your brand. One-way marketing messages are so Don Draper.


Relationships are everything in social media. When you really get to know your audience, clients, prospects and peers you will become part of the community. If you really get it right you’ll even start your own. For example: If you are a pub owner it could be something as simple as creating group discussion amongst Friday lunch regulars. Guess where that little community is having lunch this Friday. They’ll most likely invite friends into that community (& to the pub) as well.


Not everyone you are trying to reach through social media is a customer. I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to my social media connections for sharing my content and supporting my cause. Of course connecting with new and existing clients is important. However some of the most important connections you will make are influential people in your social circles. More often than not the new clients will find your content through a social media interaction with one of your influential connections.


Although there is a lot more to it, these 4 things your social media marketing strategy needs will help build a valuable reputation for your brand and develop important relationships. The excellent Infographic below by CreateYourNextCustomer.com was designed looking at technology consumer behaviour. But if your social media focus is on your customers needs and these four things everyone will win.

I’m really passionate about keeping the ‘Social’ in social media. Please don’t think of it as marketing. If you do, your audience will quickly pick up on it and you can guess what will happen then. I hope that you’ve found some value in this post. If you have (or even if you haven’t) please consider sharing this to help stop blatant self promotion and to keep our social space fun and friendly. Thanks for reading and sharing. See you back here next week.

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4 Things Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Needs




Matt Crawford

Matt Crawford

Digital Media Advisor at Social Strategies
Matt Crawford is a marketing executive with an accomplished career in digital media sales. His background is in the B2B sector and he has extensive experience in retail management and hospitality. Matt has worked with national and international brands as well as small to medium enterprises to help develop effective digital marketing strategies. His down to earth approach makes it easy for businesses to communicate their objectives and consequently achieve their goals.
Matt Crawford
Matt Crawford
Matt Crawford

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