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  1. What a marathon! This is one to bookmark and refer to regularly to keep your marketing strategy fresh and diverse.

    I like the tactic to strive to create content that they will feel is worth sharing with their friends. This should be the 1st thought during the content creation process.

    valuable tips (& lot's of 'em).

  2. What a great resource. I like the Fiverr idea as well as the top tags on Instragram but I've only scraped the surface. Thanks for the great list!

  3. Wow this is an amazing list you put together! There is so much to touch on and you nailed it on. I am for sure going to bookmark this so i can refer to it later when i feel in a rut!

  4. Some really good points you have in the list. Really out of the box ideas aswell.

    The fiverr one is probably the best I have heard of in a while, just need to think what I want to pay $5 for!

  5. This is an awesome post, and all of the points are really well thought out. I am looking to get into the infographics game, but need to outsource it because I have limited graphic design skills. I just finished an explainer video for my site and am hoping that picks up some buzz, but we'll see.

    Until I see some real evidence in analytics as to what is working, I won't know for sure. But I definitely agree with all the tips here.
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