The 5 Most Important Components Of Social Media Content Strategy

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socialmediastrategyWhen it comes to social media strategy, there is nothing more important than the content element. Often misunderstood or even over looked, content curation is crucial to establishing selfless, relevant value in your stream that sparks conversation, engagement and a positive response with your target audience. When it comes to content posting in social media, there are many components that need to work together for the best results and we are going to cover those, as well as the most frequent mistakes that cost marketing results.

The 5 most important content strategy components:

1) Topics – Before you start posting and sharing content for your social media accounts you should be able to answer a very basic but incredibly important question: What are the 3-5 topics your audience is most interested in when on social media? These are the topics that need to dominate your news feeds.

2) Consistency – No matter when someone steps to the side of the freeway, they need to see you and value coming from your feed. This means EVERY day, ALL day. Consistency increases the speed at which you can make meaningful connections.

3) Frequency – Think of social media posts as cars on a freeway and your audience as standing on the side of that freeway watching the cars go by. You have to have enough cars on the road so your cars are seen. Social media users don’t stand there watching all day long, they login and log off with tremendous frequency. Your content curation and marketing posts need to be on the freeway all day, every day.

Example: Twitter posts per day should be at or above 20 posts.  Yes I said 20. And that’s a minimum bar…

4) Timing – Do you know what time of day your audience is most active on social media? You should not only know this, but you should be posting more frequently during those time periods.

We use a tool called Tweriod to determine these times on Twitter. We have found that they tend to also hold true across the other platforms like Facebook and Linkedin, etc.


5) Content Mix – Be sure that 80% of the posts you’re making on social media is curated content that is not yours or about you. 20% of what you share should be your content or marketing posts that are about you.

We believe these are the top five content strategy components that you need to understand and use properly if you expect to be effective with your social media management.

Conversely, here are 3 of the biggest mistakes marketers make with respect to their social media posting (in no particular order):

1) Grouping posts  - This is a failing I see quite often in social media. Sending a ton of posts grouped together right after another with little posts/value before or after is not effective. I see this on Instagram and other platforms as well. Now we are all busy, but this kind of laziness will ultimately have the opposite effect. Meaning people will start to ignore all your posts because of this practice.

2) Retweeting only – There are many people out there that have no content strategy of their own and simply RT or share other people’s posts. Again, this is not a strategy, well it’s not your strategy anyway. It is you executing many other people’s strategies that is not going to establish any thought leadership or results.

3) Not enough – Probably the biggest shortcoming I see is folks just not posting frequently enough. Remember that the social network user is not logged in all day long watching your feed. They login, log off various times all day long. If you post <20 times per day on Twitter and <5 times per day on Facebook, etc. nobody is seeing anything you are sharing.

4) Over self-promoting – At this point this should be common sense to most, but unfortunately it isn’t. If you are posting more than 15-20% in your feeds about YOU, you either have an ego problem or don’t understand social media marketing yet. Provide selfless, relevant value in your streams and you will earn the right to pitch what you do.

5) Nothing human – People connect with people, not brands and logo’s they’ve never heard of. Be human and approachable. Pretending you are some big company, being sterile and corporate-like in your feeds will not build relationships.

In social media marketing content is where everything starts. If you intend on getting the best results understanding what content drives your audience, the proper quantity and timeliness of that content in your streams and consistency are what get conversations and relationships happening. This is where traffic, revenue and ROI comes from.

What components are you executing with your social media content strategy?

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Robert M. Caruso
Robert M. Caruso is a long time social media professional and founder of Bundlepost, the first social content management system. His company develops social media technologies that increase social media agencies and marketers efficiency, effectiveness and profitability. Robert also consults brands internationally on their social media marketing and writes weekly for his company blog.
Robert M. Caruso


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  1. Good evening Robert,
    First off, just wanted to thank you for such an awesome article! Great tips here and completely agree with you that we need to be consistent and have a good content mix. This is something that I do to create my quality content.

    I interact with people without causing them to feel as if they are being sold. Anytime we think that we are being sold we head to what many call ‘the lizard brain.’ This makes individuals feel suspicious and in charge of watching for danger and confrontation. Instead we must get people to the buying part of their brains. Whenever we are in buying mode we are more inclined to ask, for instance, “Does this come in my size? ” and follow the salesperson eagerly. I call this part of my brain ‘my purring cat.’

    Thanks again,
    'TC' Teresa Clark
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  2. A great post with plenty of very sensible advice in action. To be heard, it has to be unrelenting, but with due regard to civility amongst our individual communities. The highway analogy works very well.

    Well recommended and on the frequent tweet list!
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  3. Marge Brown says:

    Great information and a sound strategy to follow. The biggest challenge I face is frequency. Currently, I am not in a position to hire any help and find it difficult to post 5x/day on FB for my clients and myself. Right now I'm looking at ways to improve my content curation skills as well as using tools to stage my posts at more relevant, high-traffic times.

    Thank you for the guidelines, I'll be tattooing these on my arm!

    • Marge, we used to be an agency and dealt with that same situation. That's why I developed Bundle Post. Have a look and let us know if we can help you get setup and rolling. Will change everything for you and your client accounts.


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