5 Productivity Hacks From Santa’s Workshop

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3148717467_c27ca9cb23_zDecember is a busy time of year for everyone. Whether you’re winding up or winding down there are always more tasks than there is time to complete them. However being busy isn’t always being productive. At a time of year when the use of your time is critical, many of us are busy with things that are actually counter productive. So to help get the most out of this busy time here are 5 productivity hacks from Santa’s workshop.

1. Santa’s Little ‘Helpers’ Have Their Name for a Reason

It’s in their nature. They ‘help’. They’re not just helping Santa though, they’re helping each other. If you can help your colleagues, customers, friends or family with their busy December workload, everyone will experience some of the magic that makes Santa’s helpers so famous.

2. Little by little, bit by bit

There is simply no way that Santa and his helpers could achieve what they do all at the last minute. Although you may have a romantic vision of a frenzy of activity in the North Pole at the end of December, it just doesn’t work like that. Managing the workload in bite size chunks is vital and the best way to accomplish this is by working to a list and sticking to it.

3. Work to a List and Stick to it

Santa and his entire team are completely list orientated. There’s no way they’ll get it all done each year without a dedicated commitment to completing and fulfilling their lists. Just like many of the items on Santa’s lists, some things will seem unrealistic. But if it’s not on the list (at this time of year), it doesn’t even stand a chance.

4. Sticking to a routine is essential

Santa’s routine is relied upon by millions worldwide. It’s simply expected that he’ll stick to that routine and deliver on time every time. With such a massive task at hand Santa and his team have to be totally committed to the routine. Sticking to a routine starts with waking up at the same time each day and the best routines include deadlines.

5. Working to a deadline

If there’s anyone who knows about working to a hard deadline it’s Santa. He never compromises the deadline and turn dreams into achievable goals by working to that deadline. Just like Napoleon Hill says: A goal is a dream with a deadline.

Whether your increased workload this December includes hectic retail sales, a tight blogging schedule, or even just hosting your family Christmas (which I am this year), maximizing your productivity will make all the difference. So I hope that these 5 productivity hacks from Santa’s workshop will help you achieve everything you need to this month and make it easier to enjoy this special time of year.

What about you? Have you ever wondered how Santa and his helpers get it all done? Do you have any exceptional productivity enhancing strategies to help you get through it all this December? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below to help our readers ramp up their productivity levels and achieve everything required this month. Thanks for reading, commenting and sharing. Happy Holidays.

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  1. Kosio Angelov says:

    A very clever holiday twist on productivity, great article!

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