5 Reasons Why Blogs Fail and How You Can Avoid Them

With over 200 million blogs created it seems there is no end.  However, many blogs fail and are left abandoned.  Here are some of the key reasons that blogs fail along with a solution that will help avoid the pitfalls.


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1. Unrealistic Goals – I think most come into it with big dreams and unrealistic expectations.  These expectations are created by “people” giving the illusion that anyone can do this with little or no effort.  Creating a blog post at midnight on a Saturday when you can barely keep your eyes open isn’t in the brochure.

Solution – Keep your expectations tempered.  Your goals should be conservative, not outlandish.  Your goal should be closer to publishing 1-2 posts a week, and not to publish 1-2 posts a day.  Don’t set yourself up for failure.

Time – Many posts will require research.  Research can be painstaking, frustrating, and time consuming.  Setting up links, choosing photos, SEO, proofreading, and promoting are also a part of publishing.  It’s not a walk in the park.  A post can easily take 2-6 hours to produce, and longer in some cases.  It’s a time investment that many don’t realize.

Solution – Again, it’s about having defined goals that are manageable.  Find time on your schedule each week where you can spend about three hours to create a post.  Initially I would suggest 1-2 times a week if you’re on a solo mission.  Keep that rhythm for a few weeks before stepping up the frequency.

Ego – You refuse to get help from anyone.  You won’t let anyone touch your baby.  If you insist on doing everything yourself you will inevitably run into trouble.  The overwhelming majority can’t perform all the aspects of blogging that need to be completed.  If you’re in the small minority, your efficiency will suffer if you stay on a solo track.

Solution – This is a tough one.  Putting one’s ego to the side is often a challenge.  Use people that you trust to assist with areas were your weak (i.e. coding).  This will take some pressure off you and improve the efficiency of the process.

Lack of Traffic – This is probably the biggest reason for shutting it down.  There is a big misconception out there of build it and they will come.  It’s not that easy.  Build it, keep adding and adding, get the word out, and maybe they will come.  It can be a real bear in the beginning , and it’s certainly easy to get frustrated.  It doesn’t mean people don’t love your content, it’s more likely that they don’t know your content exists.

Solution – The number one thing here is patience.  It takes time to start generating traffic.  Solid content, proper SEO methods, and promotion should be on top of your list.  Don’t look at your analytics every five minutes.  You’ll drive yourself nuts.

I’m in the Money – No you’re not.  There’s way too much hype on this front.  These guys that were homeless last month, and are now pulling down $30K/mo don’t really exist.  You know that don’t you? There’s just so much junk out there and get-rich quick deals that people want to believe.  Can you make money online? Yes, but it takes time, strategy, and a lot of hard work.  There are no shortcuts, but you knew that already.

Solution – Making money should be in the back of your mind, not the front.  Work on your writing.  Work on making connections and building relationships.  Work on your social.  You need to be active on social and promote your content properly.  Read and research all you can.  Learn.

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Steven Hughes
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Steven Hughes

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