5 Reasons Why Santa Would Love Twitter

Twitter would be the perfect social sharing platform for Santa Claus. Below I give you the 5 reasons why Santa would love using Twitter and how it would help you. Enjoy!

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He could keep that naughty and nice list updated all year (watch out auto DM person with a link to your latest ebook when we’ve never even had a conversation. You’re getting coal my friend… and yes I’m bitter about direct messages being completely useless in Twitter. I apologize for my rant and I now digress. Back to Santa stuff).

How this helps you:

  • If you’re not keeping track of your brand on a consistent basis then you’re missing out on potential clients, leads, and even negative or positive comments. Make sure you know what people are saying about you and your competition.
  • Don’t tweet and read tweets from Twitter.com, for the most part it’s inefficient. You’re better off using a social monitoring software to keep track of everything that interests you. Here are 3 great programs you can check out:
  1. HootSuite
  2. SproutSocial
  3. Tweet Deck


You know the big guy in red needs a little human conversation after spending most of his nights and days with elves & reindeers. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t check out his weekly tweetchat- #milkandcookies

How this helps you:

  • This shouldn’t be new to most people but I’m going to say it again: If you’re going to join Twitter you need to use it as a social platform and not a shout box. Twitter is a not a TV. If you don’t want to engage then don’t waste your time because you’ll get very little in return from it. Here are some tips for staying active on Twitter:
  1. Check your stream and mentions at least once a day. 
  2. If you can manage the time then respond to everyone. 
  3. Be sure to take a quick look at the person’s profile so you know their real name and a bit of info about them.
  4. When you respond try extending the conversation by asking how their day is going. You never know what type of connection you’ll make when you put in a little extra effort.


Santa would be able to ramp up production of the latest toy or gadget months in advance if he was able to keep track of the latest trends.

How this helps you:

  • Keep an eye on the trending topics on Twitter. If a topic related to your industry begins trending then jump in on the conversation. You’re likely to find other industry professionals to network with or find potential clients/customers who are looking for answers to their questions.

Checking his List

We all know that Santa not only checks his list once but he actually checks it twice. Twitter lists would do wonders for him. He could make the whole process a lot more organized and efficient if he put everyone into lists (think: Good Kid List, Naughty Kid List, Could Go Either Way Kid List, Doesn’t Believe In Santa Anymore Kid List, etc…).

How this helps you:

  • I’ll be flat out honest with you. I would not be able to keep up with my twitter stream if I didn’t make lists. I have all kinds of lists (some private and some public). I have a social media list, a SteamFeed author list, a marketing list, an Apple fanboy list, etc..
  • Set your lists up in the dashboard of whatever social monitoring program you’re using so that you can decide which group of people’s tweets you want to see at any given point.


Would you agree that Santa could use a great marketing campaign to boost his brand among older children? It seems every year the mean age of children who believe in Santa decreases. If he was on Twitter he could get the word out that he was for real. Couldn’t you see Santa tweeting his latest North Pole photo of the Elves hard at work (with Rudolph photo bombing in the background of course)?

How this helps you:

  • Maybe you’re just starting out or maybe you’ve been in business for 20 years, either way it’s never a bad thing to keep your brand in the minds of your customers. When you’re active on Twitter and engaging in conversations and helping people out you build brand awareness.

Do you think Santa should be on Twitter? Let me know in the comments below. :)

DJ Thistle

DJ Thistle

Co-Founder at SteamFeed
D.J. Thistle is a co-founder of SteamFeed, a blog that focuses on the latest trends in social media, technology, and marketing. His passion in technology is only rivaled by his desire to connect with others through social media. He has been a featured speaker multiple times on how to get started in social media at various wine industry events. He has spent the last 9 years teaching in public and private schools in Massachusetts and California. He is happily married and enjoys every moment of raising his beautiful daughter.
DJ Thistle
DJ Thistle

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