5 Tips On How To Attract The Best Talents To Your SMB

employer brandingThere are some things a SMB (Small Medium Business) can’t compete with compared to larger businesses. Established companies may have the advantage of working with well-known customers, have generous benefits and are also able to pay salaries that attract the best of the best.

Your business may be a startup company, perhaps still an underdog in the market. What can you offer to attract high quality applicants or how do you go about to make them more interested in working for you?

Go through the list below to get some tips and hints:

  1. Start a behind the scenes blog
    Richard Branson and Bill Mariott both have successful business blogs where they share personal stories and business insights from their day to day life. It’s a way to build a relationship both with existing and potential clients, but also with future employees and other stakeholders as well.

  2. Build upon your special culture
    Startup companies often develop an open, young and pioneering environment that attracts future employees in itself, if being known. Make sure to communicate what’s special and attractive about your business and back it up with supporting employee testimonials, videos and photographs.

  3. Reach out to and hunt for target groups through social media
    Everybody in North America and Europe seem to be on LinkedIn nowadays (except for German speaking countries where they are on the similar platforms Xing and Kununu instead). Find the people you’re looking for by searching for keywords in their profiles. You can perform quite specific searches without paying extras, but if you think you can afford it, these networks offer career pages, more advanced search options and contact opportunities for a monthly fee. If you don’t go for the career page options, it’s free for everyone to start and maintain groups and group discussions, which is an ideal and inexpensive way to reach out to and show potential employees what your company is and stands for.

  4. Meet and greet
    Invite potential employees to an open house in your premises, arrange for students to apply for internships, or collaborate with externals on certain projects. Stay in touch with people in between these activities by sending them information emails, your job postings and invitations to lectures you’re hosting which you think they might be interested in.

  5. Offer a finders fee
    A rule of thumb is that good people know other good people. Turn both your existing employees as well as externals into your personal head hunters. Offer them an attractive reward that they’ll receive when their suggested candidate has passed the probation period.

    Do you have other ideas for employer branding activities that work? Please share!

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Anna Rydne
Anna Rydne is a communications specialist who works as Head of Internal Communications at Mynewsdesk. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, she writes the blog Communicate [your] Skills where she covers topics on how to improve your communication skills in all areas related to yourself, your community and your professional life. She's determined to uncover the secrets of how successful people and companies communicate. Anna has a special interest in social media and personal branding and she believes the road to success is trying. She tweets about all things comms, social media and marketing @CoSkills. She holds a bachelor's degree in psychology.
Anna Rydne

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