5 Ways to Connect with Pinterest Followers Offline

5 Ways to Connect With Pinterest Followers Offline

Enhance the online Pinning experience with offline activities.

Help Pinners bring inspiration to life. Make it easy for them to shop for the items they have Pinned. From furniture retailers, to kids apparel stores, to homebuilders there are opportunities to connect with Pinners in real life.

1. Showcase Most-Pinned Items in Store

image via Nordstrom Instagram http://instagram.com/p/a1ojT6m9Y1/
image via Nordstrom Instagram http://instagram.com/p/a1ojT6m9Y1/

Nordstrom is showcasing the Most-Pinned items in select stores.

Nordstrom is taking the in store ‎Pinterest experience to a whole new level and it is so SMART! Nordstrom developed an app that lets workers on its sales floor access a “dashboard” that cross-references the most-pinned handbags, shoes, and other offerings with the products in stock at that location.

2. As Pinned on Pinterest

The projects may not be the most Pinned but you can easily showcase DIY projects with the supplies needed to make it happen , a dinner recipe  with all of the ingredients, or a Friday night date outfit all put together conveniently on one rack.

3. Host a Party

Invite Pinners to a Pinterest party or holiday meet up. Holidays are a perfect time to invite Pinners to a special themed event. You can decorate the store, have holiday snacks, and share tips for entertaining during the holidays or for special events.White House Pinterest Holiday Social

During the White House Pinterest Holiday Social attendees were able to check out the décor, meet with the people that helped transform the White House for the holidays, and join in a craft project.

4. Host a Pinterest Inspired Workshop.

Turn inspiration into reality. The Home Depot hosted a hand-on DIH (Do It Herself) workshop featuring projects that are inspired by Pinterest with a popular blogger.

5.  VIP ~ Very Important Pinners Event

Host your most engaged Pinners. Give them a behind the scenes tour. Let them meet special team members, have a Q & A with the design team. Give them a special Pinterest inspired gift bag filled with personalized goodies. Check out their Pinterest boards for ideas to create bags for each guest.

Bring the Pinning experience full circle: from discovery, Pinning, creating, and to sharing. Not only are you connecting with your passionate Pinterest community but you are connecting Pinners with other Pinners building a stronger community.

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