5 Ways To Create Great Content

Blogs and social media are one of the best resources for a company’s marketing efforts.  They are cost-effective and successful at reaching a large amount of people.  However, in order for them to be successful, they need to be consistently monitored.  This can be a challenge.  It is often difficult to come up with new content each day to fill space on these sites.  The following are 5 popular suggestions that will help you increase the popularity of your online sites.



One suggestion is to create online polls that your customers can answer.  This allows the site to become more interactive.  It also provides you with helpful feedback about your products or services.  For example, if you are in the makeup industry, you can ask your customers what their favorite shade of lipstick is.  Although this question is basic, it will generate excitement.  It also allows customers to interact with each other online.  For this reason, it becomes a valuable marketing tool.  Polls can be a nice change of pace from bulky text that takes time to read.  They are also a different visual from pictures.

Contests And Giveaways


It is also fun to use social media and blogs for contests and giveaways.  Everyone loves the idea of something free.  If you make the contest easy to enter, it will create a lot of buzz.  Chances are friends of friends will start to enter the contest as news spreads over the web through Facebook.  Many times, when you have these contests, you can link them to your blog to cross promote.  This will help increase your following in both areas and get you added attention.  There are many fun contests that you can or giveaways that you can offer including the following:

  • Coupons
  • Free products
  • Gift with purchase
  • Free service

Guest Blog


Sometimes it is just nice to change it up and have a guest blogger write for a change.  This is awesome if you have writer’s block and are out of ideas.  However, it is usually fun for the readers as well.  They will enjoy reading someone else’s perspective.  When you choose a guest blogger, make sure it isn’t some random individual who has nothing in common with your blog.  Instead, make sure to network with other people who write about topics that are similar to what you share on your blog daily.  This way, they will have something in common with you and your blog.



Another great idea is to switch it up and share a video blog, also known as a vblog.  These are great if you are into tutorials.  Sometimes it is just easier to tell vocally rather than trying to write it out step by step.  Many people who are crafty bloggers like to upload DIY videos about their projects to share with others.  These videos can also be seen on YouTube as well.

Question And Answer


Finally, question and answer blogs or posts are also great to include on the web.  These can be very informative to your customers and also helpful in terms of marketing.  You can include the 10 most commonly asked questions about your product.  You could also include a question and answer post about your office environment.  Some people even post question and answers from their employees.  This helps their customers get to know the company and the people who work there.  This often has a positive effect on sales.  When people can relate to the company, they are more likely to invest in the products or services they offer.

It’s not easy to come up with new content everyday online.  Hopefully these five suggestions will help you to be more creative.  Are there any suggestions you have for me?  I’d love to hear from you.

This is a guest article by Mark Saghy.

Mark Saghy
Mark Saghy is passionate about small business ventures and the many ways to market them. He enjoys working one on one with business owners as a marketing associate at ExhibitDeal.com and writing on social media and blogging topics.
Mark Saghy

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