6 Hot Trends in Digital Marketing

The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing. What was hot last year, won’t necessarily still be top dog this year. With such a rapidly transforming market, it’s inevitable that digital marketing will have to work with new priorities, better tools, and improved strategies in order to keep up with the demand.

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Here are six of the hottest digital marketing trends that could make serious headway in 2013:

Integrated online and offline brand experience. Brands are starting to recognize the fact that focusing on one marketing avenue alone would spell disaster in the near future. Many companies have started making forays into digital marketing through the use of social media events. But why settle for one avenue? In 2013, brands will integrate online and offline events, giving customers a more engaging experience. Additionally, marketers will have to make use of QR codes, make billboards interactive, and create store displays that interact with smart phones to maximize client-brand interaction.

Increase in mobile applications and optimization. 43% of digital marketers believe that mobile optimization provides the most opportunities for improvement in 2013. Tablets and computers will continue to maintain their share of development, but with more and more customers constantly attached to their smart phones, it’s inevitable that mobile optimization should take precedence over every other research effort. Brands will benefit greatly from improving their mobile content and app creation to interact properly with existing and potential clients.

Data is king. 2013 is the year of “big data”. People are giving out more information than they used to. Marketers are swimming in data, but can they decipher it properly and use the information to their advantage? Data analysis will be one of the primary focuses of marketers this year, particularly as they attempt to capture the fickle interests of this new tech-savvy crowd. With this information, marketers will be able to better tailor their marketing strategies.

It’s all about content marketing. Bloggers have known this tenet for years. You can use strategies and tactics to bring readers to your page, but only useful content can keep them loyal. Companies are already starting to recognize the significance of content creation as a marketing tool. As clients become more media-savvy, they grow weary of the constant bombardment of advertisements. Instead, use ebooks, video tutorials, and other useful content to catch user interest. Properly utilized content creation can easily generate product demand.

Everything is personal. All the talk about data gathering only points to one thing: digital marketers are trying to recalibrate their targets. It is no longer enough to create a blanket campaign that tries to catch as many potential clients as possible. 2013 will see a more personalized campaign, targeted towards specific users. For example, website redesigns will focus on improving user experience, giving users the chance to create a personal experience through saved preferences.

Digital marketers still have a lot to learn. The rise of digital marketing means more of these dedicated agencies will appear in 2013. Unfortunately, the changing trends in this field mean that many of these marketers will have to work harder to catch up. The trends that were in place last year might be passé this year. At present, only 18% of digital marketers think they have the skills necessary to take on the challenges of the year ahead.

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Randy Bowden

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