90 Percent of our Traffic Is Not From Google, And I Like It!

You heard me! I’m glad that most of our traffic doesn’t come from Google. And here’s why.

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Since all of your company information, request for demos, call to actions, and downloadables are on your website and blog, building traffic is very important! The almighty Google has a lot of power. They can decide to make major changes with their search-ranking algorithm, at any time. One day, you could have decent rankings on the first page, and the next, Google could magically blacklist you because of algorithm change, losing a major part of your traffic.

Now I’m not saying that SEO isn’t important. We do the basic SEO tricks at SteamFeed:

  • We optimize keywords in the URL
  • We optimize keywords in the image alt tags
  • We make sure the meta description represents the topic and keywords
  • We have keywords in the page title
  • Our keyword appears within the first and last paragraph

But that’s the extent to which we spend time on SEO. Why? Any more effort would be too time consuming for the results. SteamFeed topics are very saturated when it comes to keyword optimization. How many people are competing for social media marketing related keywords? LOTS! In order to rank well on Google for the keywords we operate in, we would need to spend all of our digital strategy time researching opportune keywords, which is just not feasible for most small businesses.

Instead, we’re focusing on a few different things.

Focus on Social for Long Term Traffic

Despite what some people think, social media is here to stay. It is the future of the internet. Facebook has literally changed people’s daily habits. Anything that changes the way of life for the majority of a population is here to stay, whether you like it or not.

But this creates a wonderful opportunity for brands. Building a social media community of loyal followers will bring you lots of traffic. Twenty five percent of our own traffic comes from Twitter. Why? Because we’re actively building a community of evangelists that keep spreading our content over the internet. The best part is, that community is there to stay!

Other Things We Will Be Working on at SteamFeed

There are a few other things we will be focusing on in 2013 to build up more permanent traffic :

  1. We will be focussing more on building up our RSS subscribers. You could say that RSS subscribers are the most loyal followers you can get. These are folks that absolutely don’t want to miss a thing that you have to say. But make sure that once these folks subscribe to your RSS feed, that they still visit your site and share your message. Using a plugin like “Bring My Blog Visitors Back” will help with this. Fifteen percent of our total traffic comes from our RSS feeds, so it’s definitely worth the $37 dollars for the plugin.
  2. We will be starting an email newsletter. Newsletter subscribers aren’t as loyal fans as RSS subscribers, but they’re still interested in getting extra information from you. They expect exclusive content and major announcements. Treat your newsletter like an extension to your blog, and don’t forget to add social sharing buttons to it.
  3. We will focus on growing our network of authors. We already have an extensive Triberr network. We have people that are interested in guest posting for SteamFeed, and we guest blog on other sites. We also have others that are interested in becoming featured authors on SteamFeed. Every time we expand our writing network, our traffic grows. A lot of traffic can come from guest posting, so I would recommend that your small business tries to get a few people to post, and try to post on a few industry related websites.

I’m not saying that SEO shouldn’t be part of your digital strategy. I’m just saying that if your digital strategy is solely focused on SEO, that could cause a problem when Google changes their algorithm. Just like investments, don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Diversify your “digital portfolio,” and focus on what’s getting the most traffic for YOU!

What digital strategies do you use to bring constant traffic to your web presence? What has proven to get the most consistent traffic for you? Please leave a comment below!

*Here’s our traffic breakdown for those who are interested – 25% comes from Twitter, 20% is direct traffic, 15% is from feedburner, 5% Facebook, 5% Linkedin, 5% Triberr, 5% G+, 5% Hootsuite, and the other 5% diversified between random backlinks and new aggregation websites.

The rest (10%) is from Google.

Daniel Hebert
Daniel Hebert is an award-winning graduate of Mount Allison University, Digital Marketing Manager at PostBeyond, and Co-founder at SteamFeed.com. He has a passion for digital marketing and entrepreneurship. If he wasn’t a marketer, he would take his love for food and become a chef.
Daniel Hebert

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