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send to kindle, so you can enjoy!
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Last month we looked at the connection between Kindle and Blogging. I left you with some action takeaways so you can prepare your blog’s readers to take Kindle action:

  • Analyse the content on your blog and make a list of articles that need freshening up.
  • Ask your readers questions about Amazon Kindle.
  • Add Kindle-ready links to your email autoresponder.
  • Subscribe to SteamFeed so you don’t miss out on next month’s post.

Your next step is to add a “send to Kindle” button to your blog.

If you are using WordPress then things are super-simple for you, just upload your send to Kindle plugin, install and activate.  If you are using anything else for your blog, you’ll need to go to the Kindle Developer’s page here and add the button via html. It’s a little more complicated to install via HTML. If you use Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin then you’ll have the Facebook Open Graph settings that Kindle require.

In the last month, just over 3,700 people have downloaded the WordPress send to Kindle plugin. This means if you’ve educated your readers to use their Kindle and you have installed the button, then your content is going to be read on more Kindle devices, with little or no competition (unlike the search engines)

So why bother at all with Kindle if you have a blog?

There’s lots of talk about monetising your blog, and how to earn a small fortune from blogging from a lot of people who’ve yet to make their fortunes. Whilst I’m not quite the internet millionaire (yet) I am good at building a rapport and trust with my readers, who then send my posts to their Kindle. Some of my posts contain affiliate links for some excellent products and these can be opened in Kindle. If you are monetising your blog through affiliate links, Kindle gives you the advantage. When your reader needs to know something instead of searching Google or their bookmarks, the article’s sitting on their Kindle waiting for them to read and click through. This is really powerful when it comes to product reviews. As I mentioned above this means less competition for you as few of the A-list blogs have the send to Kindle functionality.

Have I convinced you yet?

No? Okay, back in January I took a much needed break. Just before I left the UK, I put one of my nine social media Kindle books on free download. It was downloaded 458 times in 24 hours with no promotion beyond mentioning it in the Free Kindle Books Facebook group. In February I was paid $700 from various products I am affiliated with. The links were on people’s Kindle ready to click and if they liked something, purchase. And there’s nothing like a book to build trust with your reader, and it should be an extension of your blog.

Readers like convenience, that’s why they buy ebooks even though the basic content is free on your blog. It’s why they subscribe to your podcast and listen as they run or drive. It’s why you should make your content accessible and convenient to them.

Your action take-aways:

  • Install the Send to Kindle button on your blog
  • Find ten articles on your blog that will make the basis of a Kindle Mini-Guide and save them in a safe place (yes, next month we are going to move from blog post to Kindle in 47 simple steps ;))
  • Continue preparing your readers to use Kindle apps and devices.


Have you set-up the “send to kindle” button yet on your blog? Will you? Please leave a comment below!


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