Attract, Retain and Monetize Your Social Media Presence

Social media has the power to amplify your brand. Attracting and retaining your audience attention on these platforms is critical to your brand success on social media. If you can attract, retain your audience on social that converts to money. Ultimately brands and individuals business owners want to convert their audience into buyers or clients. The purpose is not to live on social media but rather have the conversations, engagement on social that drives your clients back to your home base.


Attention can be positive or negative based on how you operate your strategy and tactics in the use of this medium. If you use the tactic of spreading your message on every social platform known to mankind you are probably not going to attract the right attention you wish to receive. This type of approach will dilute your message. If you are strategic and choose platforms where you know your message and engagement time will be optimal, you will maximize your time and effort to reach the right people at the right time. You will have the ear of the audience that will be willing to engage with you rather than spinning your wheels with those who will tune you out. Social media differs from online advertising where the name of the game is how many eyeballs see your ad; the trick with social media is how many people engaged and retaining their attention.   Attention within social media is built through relationships. It’s doesn’t happen overnight. It happens over time. Time is the critical word with social media. It takes time. And you need you be able to invest time in your tactics with social media. If you can’t invest the time, hire someone who can be your brand advocate to speak your brand on social media.

Once you have their attention, retention is key. Your social content needs to be fresh, not full of Re-tweets and information you can find in other places. This where you engagement comes into play. Are you providing content that brings forth conversation or just quotes of the day? You need to be talking with your audience not at your audience. Brands are not easy to communicate with – so you need brand advocate – a human being – who can relate your audience. They don’t want to talk to a logo – they want to talk with a human being. Individuals on social media excel in this area. Brands have learned to step up their game here. Be relatable, be valuable and you can retain your audience. Consider your message – not just the canned speech but talk the language of your clients.

The monetizing of your audience will happen when you have nailed down the attention and retention. The conversion is taking that audience you have on social media and driving them back to your home back – your website, your offline store. The purpose of social media is to have that conversation, engagement. You want to talk to with your prospects and clients and then bring them home to your base.

Remember social media can be valuable to get you attention. You need to wield the power of the social platforms carefully. Social media is not a bullhorn for your business, it is a place to attract, retain and monetize through remembering to keep your brand social.

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Jennifer Olney
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Jennifer Olney

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