5 Tips On How To Attract The Best Talents To Your SMB

employer branding

There are some things a SMB (Small Medium Business) can’t compete with compared to larger businesses. Established companies may have the advantage of working with well-known customers, have generous benefits and are also able to pay salaries that attract the best of the best. Your business may be a startup company, perhaps still an underdog in the market. What can you offer to … [Read more...]

Beyond Bullet Points – How To Pioneer The Presentation Arena


I’m sure we have all suffered because of bad power point presentations. Boring, incomprehensible slides filled with charts and clip art from the 90’s. It isn’t called death by PowerPoint for nothing. Bad presentations suck the life out of people, fast and furious. In the article below, I’ll show you how I created the latest all employee meeting presentation at the company I’m … [Read more...]

12 Things To Do To Upscale Your Personal Brand This Year

personal brand

It’s a new year and why not start it off with a personal branding cure to improve how you’re perceived on the job market? Choose to do all twelve assignments at once, or spread them out over the year by doing one task per month. No matter how you decide to do this, the cure will enhance the value of your personal brand this year. Let’s begin: Take a good profile … [Read more...]

How Gucci Saved Their Brand From Being Ruined By Victoria Beckham’s Bad Taste

Victoria Beckham

In the early millennium, Victoria Beckham went up on the worst dressed lists in all and every fashion magazine. Ironically, at the same time she also indulged in Gucci clothing. This was devastating for Gucci. Everything Victoria wore dropped dramatically in sales. The head designer of Gucci went into their PR office and screamed: Who the hell sends free clothes to a … [Read more...]

Entertain A Recruiter: 5 Ways To Spice Up Your LinkedIn Profile


Recruiters are an occupational group of people that need to go through a large amount of written material every day. They often get overwhelmed by long, rambling, and probably not that inspiring resumes. Here’s one simple rule on how to impress on a recruiter as well as standing out from the crowd: Don’t bore them, entertain them! Let’s take a look at how you can spice up … [Read more...]