What Is Google Hummingbird And What Does It Mean For The Future of SEO?


Google's Hummingbird algorithm represents the search giant's biggest algorithm shift in years. But when viewed in the context of other recent moves, it makes perfect sense and gives us insight into the future of search. From there, we can identify techniques for long-term SEO success. What is the Google Hummingbird algorithm? Google Hummingbird, named for the “fast and … [Read more...]

Winning with White Hat SEO in the Post-Penguin Era

white hat seo

In my last post, I cited examples of black hat SEO practitioners gaining high rankings in search engine results, despite Google’s recent crackdown on Web spam. However, while black hat SEO may still work, it is not a viable long-term strategy and comes with much risk. There is a better way. You can gain top search engine results and build long term value for your website and … [Read more...]

Evidence That Black Hat SEO Isn’t Dead Yet

black hat seo

Google’s hardline stance against spam has made it clear to website owners that engaging in unethical SEO tactics could lead to harsh penalties. But why then are sites still using Black Hat SEO? And why is it still working for many? In my last post, “Google Penguin 2.0 vs. Black Hat SEO,” I showed examples of sites that were punished by Google’s Penguin algorithm and the … [Read more...]

Google Penguin 2.0 vs. Black Hat SEO


Google launched the update of its “Penguin" webspam algorithm on Wednesday afternoon (May 22), continuing its campaign against websites that violate Webmaster Guidelines, especially those that engage in link spam practices. Penguin 2.0, as the update is called, affected 2.3% of English-US language queries, and also rolled out for other languages worldwide.   The … [Read more...]

How To Audit Your Website’s SEO

SEO Auditor

An SEO audit is a great way to determine the current optimization state of your website and quickly see what you need to improve. It’s also a good way to quickly see what SEO strategy your competition is taking and how you can outdo them. Much of the key information for a website SEO assessment is available for free on the web and by inspecting your site’s source code. But … [Read more...]