Your Tweet is Very Important to Us, Please Stay on the Line

Let’s say, you have a question you want to ask a brand and you choose to ask that question over Twitter. What is the most unwelcome response? Is it brand silence? Not to me. I think the worst response is obviously an automated response (American Airlines Will Respond To Every Tweet — No Matter How Offensive) that has […]

The Magic Solution To Make Online Complaints Disappear!

Bibbity, bobbity boo! Wait? What? That complaint is still there, and that Facebook post? Don’t even get me started on that Yelp review! I’ve got to be honest, if you are looking for a magic spell right now, you should maybe go and read some Harry Potter. There is no magic way to prevent negative […]

Carpe Tweetum: Community Managers Need to Seize the Tweet

I think that it is safe to say, while there are no hard and firm “always” situations in social media, you can always expect the unexpected. Community managers need to keep a watchful eye on what is going on. Finding and taking advantage of these golden moments can lead to the most awesome brand storytelling. […]

What I learned about Social Media From Star Wars

I am a self proclaimed Star Wars geek, it is so much a part of my life, I wear it proudly even as a part of my bio. So of course, my putting it together with social media… well, that just had to happen. (More of a Dark Side kinda guy? Like cookies? Check out [...]

Don’t Be a Social Media Zombie

Or a Ghost. Or a Vampire. Zombies! and Ghosts! and Vampires! Oh My! Halloween fever has taken over. But if you think about it, you do see all three of these personality types showing up in social media. Let me explain – Zombie: What is the first thing you think of when I say the [...]

10 Things Not To Say To A Social Media/Community Manager

It is getting to be that time of year again, the family holiday season is approaching. And with these events, come the questions. The “What do you do’s” and the “What does that mean’s” and my favorite the “what the hell is Twitter? Oh, I’d never use that’s”  So here is a list of things [...]

Love No Kid Hungry? Love Twitter? Join us!

The annual TwEAT OUT for No Kid Hungry is happening again – this will be my first year involved  and I can’t wait! The team from NKH will be on twitter all day (please be sure to follow #NoKidHungry) spreading awareness about the Dine Out For No Kid Hungry. There  is already a great wave [...]

Being the Rookie on a Community Management Team

With football season finally here (and with the first few weeks at a new job) I have been thinking a lot about teamwork* and how every member is important to the whole yet brings in their own unique strengths. For those of you who know me, know that I have been a solo community manager […]

CMGR-bot? No Such Thing!

The things you come across when you do daily hashtag searches for various customer service related key words. (The tweet that inspired this post came from an IVR search) There are many arguments across the web about people automating parts of social media, but I say both community management and customer service are things that […]

All You Need is … to Disconnect

Until yesterday, I was going to write a completely different article. I was going to write your patent pending Carrie style list post called the Beatles guide to community management. But last night I had the amazing opportunity to attend my (second!) Paul McCartney concert in Milwaukee. Because of this (most epic) event, I did something […]