How to Avoid Burnout As A Community Manager


24/7. Does it ever feel like that describes your work schedule? Twitter, Facebook, blogging, learning the new 'shiny' app out on the scene. Reporting, meetings, emails, chats, Hangouts, pings... these are the days of our lives as community managers. Not to mention forums, meetups content calendars and autocorrect. We all know that community management is more than just cat … [Read more...]

Help Wanted: Time to Hire A Community Manager

hire new community manager

Last night, a friend of mine was talking about a job posting he saw for a community manager position. It was an unpaid internship and required 5-10 years "social media experience". Wait. What? Stop. That was it? Not even looking at the fact it was an unpaid internship, that was all they were looking for. 5-10 years "social media experience", no more specific … [Read more...]

Your Tweet is Very Important to Us, Please Stay on the Line

Friendly Service

Let's say, you have a question you want to ask a brand and you choose to ask that question over Twitter. What is the most unwelcome response? Is it brand silence? Not to me. I think the worst response is obviously an automated response (American Airlines Will Respond To Every Tweet — No Matter How Offensive) that has nothing to do with your initial tweet. Silence is bad, but to … [Read more...]

The Magic Solution To Make Online Complaints Disappear!


Bibbity, bobbity boo! Wait? What? That complaint is still there, and that Facebook post? Don't even get me started on that Yelp review! I've got to be honest, if you are looking for a magic spell right now, you should maybe go and read some Harry Potter. There is no magic way to prevent negative things from being said about your brand online. Full stop. You can't … [Read more...]

Carpe Tweetum: Community Managers Need to Seize the Tweet


I think that it is safe to say, while there are no hard and firm "always" situations in social media, you can always expect the unexpected. Community managers need to keep a watchful eye on what is going on. Finding and taking advantage of these golden moments can lead to the most awesome brand storytelling. While they can't be planned for in advance, when these moments do … [Read more...]