The 5 Most Important Components Of Social Media Content Strategy

When it comes to social media strategy, there is nothing more important than the content element. Often misunderstood or even over looked, content curation is crucial to establishing selfless, relevant value in your stream that sparks conversation, engagement and a positive response with your target audience. When it comes to content posting in social media, there are […]

Four Hashtag Tips That May Surprise You

Hashtag With A Purpose, Not Just Because You Can Hashtags are one of the most unique aspects of social media. I love that something so unique wasn’t started by a company, but instead the users of a social network got it all going (or so the story goes). Regardless of how it all got started, […]

Adjust 3rd Party App Settings In Facebook To Extend Your Personal Reach

If you are like most experienced social media marketing aficionado’s, in addition to business pages, you are also using your personal Facebook profile to build business connections and foster relationships. Again, if you’re experienced in social media marketing, you’re probably using a social media dashboard tools and applications like Hootsuite and Instagram to post some […]

How To Grow Targeted Followers On Twitter?

An analogy I often use about building a social media community is to look at it like a radio station. Even if you find the perfect radio station with all of your target prospects listening to it, but you only have 60 listeners you’ll never get to ROI (return on investment) on your radio advertising, […]

Social Media Spam Is Spam

There are many things that CAN be considered spamming in social media marketing. The range of things being done from one party to another party without any semblance of a relationship established beforehand. Tagging people, sending direct messages, and adding connections to your “opt-in” email lists are just a few that come to mind. Recently, […]

Companies With A Formal Content Marketing Strategy Nearly Double

Are you still not convinced that having a clearly defined and executed content marketing strategy is a must in today’s online world? I suggest you think again. In fact eMarketer recently published a new report that showed the changes content marketing is … Continue reading

The One Social Media Rule For Business

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a list of rules to follow that were simple and clear on how and what to do for your social media marketing? Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, there … Continue reading

Customer Service “IS” Sales In Social Media – 2 Examples and 3 Tips

Customer service is at the core of effective social media marketing. The beginning of effective customer service is  listening to your customers and prospects, but more than that, it’s showing that you’re listening by responding. Even further, it’s responding in … Continue reading

Social Media Marketing First Impressions – 5 Pitfalls To Avoid

So you have finally decided to get your business on social media like everyone else. Overwhelmed and busy, you have your Facebook page somewhat setup and you even created a Twitter account, but you’re not getting much in the way of results. Or maybe you have been dabbling with social media marketing for your business […]

A Social Media Profile Is Like A Direct Mail Piece – 4 Ways To Optimize

For the average small business, individual marketer or even social media agency, the subtle nuances of social media can be a bit overwhelming. You have your Twitter account started, your personal Facebook account setup and even a Facebook business page created, but are the social media profiles optimized for success? Think of your twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn […]

#SMRebelsHelp Initiative Calls It Quits

It’s with a very heavy heart that I am announcing that the #SMRebelsHelp Chat and community is going to be suspended indefinitely. The community and weekly chat was born out of a giving spirit of providing help and exposure to startups, charities and nonprofits that were doing new and innovative things. Selected organizations were guests […]

The Girl Scout Cookie Saga Update – From Bad to Good

On February 4th, we had our latest installment of the #SMRebelsHelp Tweet Chat. I am incredibly impressed with our young guest and the power of this awesome community to do social good. (For those of you that don’t know, it is a weekly tweet chat that highlights and gives help and free exposure to  startups, […]

Social Media Fail – @GirlScouts Crush A Girl’s Social Good, Then Make It Worse!

After an amazing #SMRebelsHelp chat last night where our young 11 year old guest, @emmavermaak01 joined to talk about her project to not just sell a few cookies, but to raise donations for many more cookies that could be sent to our troops over seas, everything completely fell apart. Even though the Girl Scouts twitter account […]

4 Of The Biggest Mistakes Small Businesses Make In Social Media

small business social mediaSocial media marketing done properly is probably THE most effective and efficient marketing medium available today. Many small and/or local businesses see an incredible amount of new business derived from making meaningful connections with their audience within the social graph, however most do not. In my experience, there are four main mistakes that small businesses and individual marketers make within social media that prevent them from achieving returns.

Social Media Trending Gets A Boost From #SMrebelsHelp

SMRebelsHelpOn November 15, 2012 we announced the new #SMrebelsHelp community that was designed to help companies, charities and other businesses that need exposure. Since launching the community and the connected weekly tweet chats, some pretty amazing things have occurred. Not the least of which has been trending very high on twitter in many of our first weekly chats. No small accomplishment!

#SMrebelsHelp – New Twitter Chat And Community Aims To Help Startups And More

Let's helpI get a lot of startups, charities and individuals that reach out to me for help. Most of the help they ask is centered on questions about effective social media practices, but some also ask for help promoting something. Clearly, the later of these two requests can be extremely problematic, especially if they have not done social media relationship building FIRST. But it got me thinking…

5 Priorities Every Social Media Program Should Have

I want to start this post with a little bit of clarity by defining the term “Priority”. Webster’s say’s it is something given or meriting attention before competing alternatives. One thing I have learned in life is that no matter what comes out of your mouth, your actions will always follow your true priorities. You can […]

Occupy, Tea Social Media Party?

As I was pondering my recent series and individual blog articles about the current state of the social media industry and its perceived leaders, I was amazed how many additional articles about fake followers, fake experts and buying likes followed across the web. In no way do I believe that I started such a writing […]