The 5 Most Important Components Of Social Media Content Strategy


When it comes to social media strategy, there is nothing more important than the content element. Often misunderstood or even over looked, content curation is crucial to establishing selfless, relevant value in your stream that sparks conversation, engagement and a positive response with your target audience. When it comes to content posting in social media, there are many … [Read more...]

Four Hashtag Tips That May Surprise You


Hashtag With A Purpose, Not Just Because You Can Hashtags are one of the most unique aspects of social media. I love that something so unique wasn’t started by a company, but instead the users of a social network got it all going (or so the story goes). Regardless of how it all got started, hashtags have become an integral part of social media marketing and when used properly, … [Read more...]

Adjust 3rd Party App Settings In Facebook To Extend Your Personal Reach


If you are like most experienced social media marketing aficionado’s, in addition to business pages, you are also using your personal Facebook profile to build business connections and foster relationships. Again, if you’re experienced in social media marketing, you’re probably using a social media dashboard tools and applications like Hootsuite and Instagram to post some of … [Read more...]

How To Grow Targeted Followers On Twitter?


An analogy I often use about building a social media community is to look at it like a radio station. Even if you find the perfect radio station with all of your target prospects listening to it, but you only have 60 listeners you’ll never get to ROI (return on investment) on your radio advertising, even if it everybody buys your stuff. Likewise with your social media marketing … [Read more...]

Social Media Spam Is Spam

photo credit: Tinkerbots via photopin cc

There are many things that CAN be considered spamming in social media marketing. The range of things being done from one party to another party without any semblance of a relationship established beforehand. Tagging people, sending direct messages, and adding connections to your "opt-in" email lists are just a few that come to mind. Recently, I encountered a scenario that … [Read more...]