How Do You Stop A Content Thief?

A few weeks ago, my friend Mark Schaefer wrote a blog post about a problem that is all too common in marketing and communications: content theft Like Mark, I’ve had my content stolen, too. (Actually, most of the people I know who actively blog have experienced it.) It happens so often, I’d be willing to […]

How To Create Amazing Audio Content

Audio content seems like the easiest thing in the world to create: you press “record,” start talking and… voila… you have yourself a podcast or a radio show! But sadly, like most things in life, creating amazing audio content ain’t always that easy. It takes planning and practice. These eight tips will help get you […]

Ten Types of Content That Make You Look Lame

I’m the type of friend who will tell you when you have salad stuck in your teeth or toilet paper attached to the bottom of your shoe. It’s in that spirit, I’d like to address something equally awkward and embarrassing about content. Some types of content can make you or your company look really lame. […]

How to be a Content King Like Joss Whedon

I’m a geek and a huge fan of fantasy & Sci-Fi. So in my world, Joss Whedon is kind of a God. Whedon is a screenwriter, film and television producer, director, comic book author, composer and actor and the visionary behind the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly and Dollhouse as well as […]

How Newsjacking Can Be a Content Creator’s Best Friend

According to author David Meerman Scott, newsjacking is the process of “injecting your company’s ideas or angles into breaking news, in real-time, in order to generate media coverage for yourself or your business.” When done right, it’s a tactic that can help you ride the cultural zeitgeist and expand your brand’s presence and content reach […]

4 Questions to Ask Before You Publish Content

Congratulations! You just produced amazing new content for your company! You deserve a break. Go have a snack, watch some funny videos on YouTube or go for a walk. (Heck, go eat a doughnut. They are magical.) I’ll wait here until you come back. Hey, welcome back! Enjoy your break? I hope so, because I’m […]

Five Fat Phrases Clogging Up Your Content

A big trend in health and fitness these days is being “lean.” Lean meat, lean muscle, (heck, even Sheryl Sandberg wants us to Lean in.) Getting lean is about narrowing something down to its essence — just the good stuff. It’s a philosophy that makes sense, not just for our bodies, but for our content, […]

Frankly My Dear, You Gotta Give a Damn

Many companies approach me with the same problem: they produce good content, but no one reads it. And I’m happy to assist those companies in figuring out why and fixing it, because often all they need is a solid strategy, a clear voice or some technical tips. But there is one type of company I […]

For Amazing Brand Stories, Think Potato Not Portrait

There’s a lot of buzz lately about brand storytelling. It’s one of the hottest content trends in digital marketing, with good reason… Stories can often cut through noise and attract more attention than a down and dirty marketing pitch. Stories often lend themselves to more interesting packaging and imagery. Stories can do a better job […]

Five Secrets Behind Effective Long-Form Content

People have been talking about the death of long-form content for a few years now. But the eulogy is a bit premature. Indeed, the increased speed at which information flows past us each day, combined with shifting screen sizes, have all meant that certain types of long-form content have gone the way of the dinosaur… […]

Analogies: How to Rock ‘Em Like a Hurricane

An analogy can be your new best friend when you need to generate content for marketing, PR or sales. You’ve likely seen them used in content marketing before… 5 Ways SEO Is Like Being In High School Look At Marketing Through A Child’s Eyes How Content Marketing is Like Mardi Gras …but what exactly IS […]

Rethinking Your Mobile Audience

mobileTo hear some marketers talk, you’d think people who access websites from a mobile device were some kind of exotic subspecies.

  • “The mobile user is on the go,” marketers will say. “So, they only really need maps to our store locations and store hours.”
  • “The mobile user loves deals,” marketers will say. “So, they want QR codes and mobile coupons.”
  • “The mobile user doesn’t read much,” marketers will say. “So, let’s cut all this content about what we do and why we do it from the mobile site.”

Not only are these assumptions often wrong, they’re also a weak foundation upon which to build a marketing strategy.

For Today, Follow Your Heart

By its very nature, social media attracts men and women of words and action. We’re drawn to the movement, the change and the mass of humanity butting up against each other all day in a delicate dance. So, when something horrible happens, like the elementary school shooting today in Connecticut, that’s where our minds go […]

5 Ways to Clone Great Social Media Content

Cloning Social Media ContentTo keep your brand’s social media presence strong, you need to feed it a steady supply of great content every day.

But, coming up with that content doesn’t have to be a major production number.

You likely already have strong content on hand (either on-line somewhere or even stuck in a file cabinet in your office.) Instead of developing new stuff from scratch, riff on/reuse this stockpile of awesomesauce and use it more strategically. This approach can both save you time and energy and ensure that you continue to do a bang-up job meeting your audience’s needs.