What is the HOA Showcase App and How Does it Work

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The case for using Google+ Hangouts On Air (HOAs) just keeps getting better. A HOA is a free broadcasting/webinar platform that is connected to the world's number one search engine. They are simultaneously recorded and uploaded to the world's number two search engine - YouTube. With the addition of the Showcase App, your audience can now click on links to your websites, … [Read more...]

Authorship Faces Disappear from Google Search Results

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Have you noticed anything different about your search results page (SERP) lately? Authorship (rel=author) profile photos are gone. Public searches now only show your author byline next to the meta description of your content. The day before this change was announced, I interviewed Mark Traphagen, recognized authority on Google Authorship, on my G+LunchBunch show. Mark … [Read more...]

The ROI of Google Plus Relationships

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  Contrary to the rumours and speculations arising from the departure of Google Plus visionary Vic Gundotra, Google Plus is very much alive. There will be changes, as there are on every social media platform. But G+ is the social nerve centre of Google. It’s their identity engine, social layer and social destination platform.  All the reasons you should be active on it; … [Read more...]

How to Schedule a Google Plus Hangout On Air Event

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I recently wrote an article entitled, How and Why to Schedule Hangouts On Air Using Google+ Events. Now you may think I’m getting senile and repeating myself. Though the verdict may still be out on the former, I'm definitely not repeating myself. That last article was a guide for creating a HOA using the G+ Event Page. Google Plus finally caught on to the fact that we … [Read more...]

How to Build Trust on Google Plus

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Google wants to trust you. It needs to trust you are who you say you are, your content is yours, and you have authority in your niche. It requires this in order to deliver the most relevant search results possible.  Search is its bread and butter. So it created Google Plus, its “identity” engine. In this article, we’ll look at “trust.” Why does Google make it such a … [Read more...]

How Semantic Search Changes The Way You do Business

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  This article is a continuation of the one I wrote last Fall for SteamFeed about the relationship between Semantic Search, Google Plus and SEO: Why You Should Care About Google+, SEO and Semantic Search. Since then, I've had the opportunity to speak with David Amerland, author of Google Semantic Search, several times, most recently as guest on my weekly Google … [Read more...]

Are You Pumping Up Your Google Plus Strategy in 2014?

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Can you really choose to ignore Google Plus this year? In just over two years, Google Plus has become the second most widely used social network with approximately 350 million active users according to GlobalWebIndex. If you’re a regular SteamFeed reader you've seen many persuasive articles on the benefits of including Google Plus in your marketing strategy. Google+ is … [Read more...]

How and Why to Schedule Hangouts On Air Using Google+ Events

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Google Plus Hangouts on Air: Your own TV talk show Do you give good face? It doesn't have to be pretty or handsome, it just needs to be yours. TV personalities generate loyal fans because people see them regularly. Their faces become as familiar as their own family's. They trust them. A follower will understand what you know by reading your content.  They’ll understand who … [Read more...]

Your Presence is Required On Google Plus


If social media is a time suck, then Google Plus is a rabbit hole. The farther you tumble down it, the curiouser and curiouser things appear. People who think they know social marketing are faced with something that looks familiar but doesn’t behave as it should. “Where are the friends? Where are the ads? Where are the tweets, the likes and the apps?” Instead of … [Read more...]

Google Plus: Powered By Hummingbird, Driven by You

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The “+” in Google Plus is you. You're the ignition key that turns on the  billion horse Hummingbird-powered search and identity engine. Fuelled by content, Google Plus puts you in the driver seat. But unless you fill the tank and learn to drive, you’ll be driving up and down your driveway. Hummingbird Power: Power isn’t only defined by strength. It’s measured by precision, … [Read more...]