Top Ingredients of an Effective Social Media Strategy

Social media strategy isn’t a one size fits all solution. Each one tailored to meet the marketing needs of a specific business or brand. Even so, there are a few core elements of a social media marketing action plan that are mandatory for successful execution. Whether you’ve already rolled out your strategy, or are eager […]

Smart Google+ Strategies to Grow Your Online Community

It’s no secret. Google Plus is a powerful online tool. From search engine optimization, to social signals and semantic search, Google Plus is a veritable wonderland of opportunity for savvy business professionals. However, while you might be aware of Google Plus, adding it to an integrated social media marketing campaign is another story. New is […]

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Social Media Metrics You Should Be Monitoring

Regardless of the social media network you have chosen to use to market your business, one thing is certain. Without a way to accurately track and follow key success indicators, your efforts are in vain. Below are four social media metrics that every business must track and measure. 1. Leads and Sales While social media might feel […]

Business Blogging Tips to Build Credibility and Visibility

A blog is one of your most powerful business marketing tools. It can connect you to the exact right customers through well-written, value-driven content. However, while уоur blog іѕ a terrific marketing tool, you don’t want to chase your readers away with too many shiny “buy!” buttons and flashy calls to action. Yоur blog is not […]

5 Reasons to Power Up Online Video Marketing

Video is an increasingly important medium to add to your online marketing arsenal. With more than 1 billion unique visitors frequenting YouTube each month, and over 6 billion (yes billion…not million) hours of video watched online each month, video marketing is well worth the effort. In fact, with statistics like that, the question should not […]

4 Simple Ways to Increase Your Blog Readers and Community

You write great content, share it across the web, and eagerly wait for readers to find your blog. But day after day, nothing happens. Your readership isn’t growing and your social interaction is non-existent. Sound familiar? If you want to gain loyal blog readers, you must find a way to connect with people eager to consume […]

Google Plus vs Facebook: Why G+ Should Dominate Your 2014 Marketing Strategy

Social media. An opportunity to elevate a conversation, foster community and challenge the status quo. It is also a place for heated debate as was the case yesterday. Mike Allton, a social media and Internet marketing consultant and Google Plus evangelist, shared an article that instantly ignited a heated discussion between the Google Plus community […]

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6 Easy Ways Social Media Can Build Your Business Now

It’s no secret that social media is hot. It is the tool du jour for any business professional eager to expand their reach. With over ninety-seven percent of all consumers researching a business or brand online,  it is easy to see why everyone from a national car dealership to the local bakery is using social media to connect […]

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4 Quick Tips to Boost Personal Brand Visibility

As a business professional, developing a strong online presence, and conveying your personal brand in a clear and concise way will differentiate you among the competition. However, finding your voice, and sharing it in an often over-saturated market can be a challenge. There is no doubt about it; building personal brand visibility and credibly in […]

How to Convert Social Media Leads into Paying Customers

Have you have invested time and energy into social media, but still find that your lead generation results are less than stellar? Whether you are marketing your latest blog post or building buzz around a new product, knowing how to improve your lead capture and conversion rate is a critical part of running a business […]

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