Marketing your Crowdfunding Campaign


Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and IndieGogo can be instrumental in turning your great idea into reality. Whether you are using crowd funding as a last ditch effort to get your project off the ground, or using it as a means to test your ideas before pitching them to VCs, you need to first figure out how you are going to market your idea. Anyone who has experience … [Read more...]

Why You Should Add Memes to your Marketing Mix


If you spend any amount of time on the internet, you know what a meme is. These funny pictures often grab our attention and make us laugh. Memes can also be a powerful tool for your marketing. Even Virgin Airlines recently started using Success Kid on their billboard ads. Memes are especially great when added to your social media marketing portfolio. So what is a … [Read more...]

Why I love Reddit


 If you are reading this, the world didn't end. Since it didn't end, what better way to celebrate than to talk about Reddit. You're probably sitting here thinking “I'm on SteamFeed right now reading about awesome social media ideas, and this guy just brought up Reddit!?! SRSLY?” You're right. I'm sure a lot of you have heard about Reddit, and the few that have actually visited … [Read more...]

Humanize Your Brand with Foursquare


Love them or hate them, location based applications are here to stay. Most Brick & Mortar businesses know by now,that they at least need to claim their page on Foursquare, so people can check in while they are there. What about those of us who have who have very real businesses that live online, but no store front? Well, Foursquare can give your internet business a home … [Read more...]

Handling Customer Complaints Over Social Media

Customer Complaint

It happens to the best of us. You do your best to offer high quality service and great products to your customers, but eventually you will have a displeased customer. Often this will be no fault of your own. It could be a failure with your shipping company, unrealistic service expectations, or a glitch in coding but in reality the problem isn't what matters. What matters is how … [Read more...]