4 Things I Would Change If I Started A New Blog Today

Starting a new blog

Anyone that has ran a blog for a few years has undoubtedly learned some hard lessons. Here are some suggestions to get off on the right foot if you’re starting a new blog today. 1. Create Content and Publish Daily In order to be competitive and have any chance of showing up on the radar you need to publish every day. You’re so far behind the masses. You’ll hear "just write … [Read more...]

How to Spring Clean your Social Networks


What better time to take stock of your major social networks and do a little spring cleaning.  While we should be doing this at least monthly, having a tight clean social network account generally ends up in the trunk for most. This is really good time to flush out your Social Networks.  You want to flush out inactive and unsavory users that you’re following, have in … [Read more...]

Increase your Blog Traffic from These 3 Communities

Biz Sugar Blog Traffic

If you blog, you’re always on the search to increase your blog traffic.  If you’re not, you should be, as you want to get a continuous flow of readers to your content.  We all know about the powerhouse networks Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Plus.  Most of your social time should be spent on those four. There are a slew of secondary networks and communities that … [Read more...]

4 Reasons Why Twitter Is So Important To Bloggers


There are many routes to drive traffic to your blog.  Google Organic is great, but that takes time.  For most bloggers social plays a key role.  Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Plus certainly have their place.  However, the undisputed champion is Twitter.  Twitter is so important to Bloggers and it’s the engine that drives traffic back to our blogs. We don’t even see it as … [Read more...]