4 Things I Would Change If I Started A New Blog Today

Anyone that has ran a blog for a few years has undoubtedly learned some hard lessons. Here are some suggestions to get off on the right foot if you’re starting a new blog today. 1. Create Content and Publish Daily In order to be competitive and have any chance of showing up on the radar […]

How to Spring Clean your Social Networks

What better time to take stock of your major social networks and do a little spring cleaning.  While we should be doing this at least monthly, having a tight clean social network account generally ends up in the trunk for most. This is really good time to flush out your Social Networks.  You want to […]

Increase your Blog Traffic from These 3 Communities

If you blog, you’re always on the search to increase your blog traffic.  If you’re not, you should be, as you want to get a continuous flow of readers to your content.  We all know about the powerhouse networks Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Plus.  Most of your social time should be spent on those […]

4 Reasons Why Twitter Is So Important To Bloggers

There are many routes to drive traffic to your blog.  Google Organic is great, but that takes time.  For most bloggers social plays a key role.  Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Plus certainly have their place.  However, the undisputed champion is Twitter.  Twitter is so important to Bloggers and it’s the engine that drives traffic back […]

Bloggers: 3 Reasons why you should Subscribe to EMail Lists

Over the last six months I’ve subscribed to a ton of blog email lists and newsletters with good results.  Say What? A ton of email lists? In this world of information overload why would anyone want their email saturated with more content?  Well there is a lot to learn with all this information. First you […]

5 Reasons Why Blogs Fail and How You Can Avoid Them

With over 200 million blogs created it seems there is no end.  However, many blogs fail and are left abandoned.  Here are some of the key reasons that blogs fail along with a solution that will help avoid the pitfalls. photo credit: markomni via photopin cc 1. Unrealistic Goals – I think most come into […]

Social Media Etiquette: Saying Thank You without Saying “Thank You”

thank you social media etiquetteThe majority of us were undoubtedly raised to say “Thank You” when someone did anything for us.  We can never seem to say it enough.  The Social Media landscape entails an abundance of giving.  Does proper social media etiquette align with our upbringing?  Do we need to say “Thank You” every time someone mentions or re-tweets something of ours, or are other actions more welcomed?  I wrote a title similar to this one about six months ago, but never published.  Last week Brent Carnduff wrote a piece that asked “Would you Rather be “Thanked” or Re-tweeted?” that motivated bringing this to life

Bloggers: 4 Goals for a Successful 2013

goalsIt’s that time of the year again.  Time to establish our blogging goals for 2013.  As with any goal, you want to be realistic, but make challenging enough so you don’t skate through.  Write them down and keep the list nearby.  If you see the goal list everyday it will keep you focused and motivated.  Don’t look at the enormity of the goal numbers or tasks.  Break it down by month, and record the data.  Make all attempts to avoid “winging it”.

Promotion Methods that Attract more Eyeballs to your Blog

Shutterstock Promotion MethodsThe meta description and keywords are in place.  The tags and featured image are all set.  You’ve completed your post and hit publish.  You’re all done, right?  Wrong.  You’ve spent the time to research and write a post, but you’re not going to promote? Without promotion, your post will inevitably be stuck in mud.  Too many people make this mistake.  You can see it in the number of shares, or lack thereof.  After publishing, it’s time for the icing. It’s time to promote your post.

Don’t be shy.  Use these promotion methods to get the traffic you deserve.  Be the first one to share your post to each social network.  This is perfectly acceptable as long as it’s a small percentage of your overall messaging output.  Make sure your share buttons are prominent and relative.  Make it easy for your readers to share with their audience.

Twitter: How to Manage and run Efficiently

Twitter has become a household name thanks to the media and its continued growth.  Twitter surpassed the 500 million user milestone earlier this year, and over 150K new users sign up daily.

While Twitter has become very popular over the last few years, many of the registered users fall off the face of the Earth.  Only about 100 million are active on a monthly basis.  Well 100 million active users is impressive, and there are no signs of Twitter slowing down.  Twitter is only going to get bigger.