Auto Tweets and Tragedy

Having spent most of my life growing up just north of Boston this tragedy has affected me on a personal level. I can’t imagine what the victims and their families are going through. I will not pretend to do so. I was lucky to not know anyone who was hurt but will continue to keep the people of my hometown in my thoughts and prayers.

Auto Tweets

Yesterday while news of the tragedy unfolded my twitter account was sending out auto tweets of great content I had found the day before. Did I spend any time at all rushing to shut off all my scheduled updates on all of my social media platforms as to not offend anyone? No, I did not. I spent that time calling friends and family and giving extra hugs and kisses to my daughter. If I was on social media it is was to search for any updates on the tragedy.

Yesterday Guy Kawasaki was blasted for sending out his normal stream of  auto tweets. Whether intentional or not that is his brand and his choice to do so. Social media is a global form of communication. If we were to not conduct business whenever there was a tragedy in the world we would never be conducting business. Some people choose to conduct their business differently when they or their audience have been affected by tragedy but once again that is their choice.

Guy Kawasaki Tweet

Did the commercials on our televisions stop yesterday? Did the ads on disappear? Did your favorite radio host stop mentioning that local hardware store? Why do we give brands a pass on these other platforms? Is it because social media is suppose to be different?

While I don’t agree with his response of “Loving how people with less than 1,500 followers are telling me how to tweet…” I do agree that it is his choice to tweet what he likes. It’s his business.

Let’s not be so quick to judge someone on social media and lose sight of the big picture of the people who were really affected by this tragedy yesterday.


DJ Thistle

DJ Thistle

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DJ Thistle
DJ Thistle

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