These B2B Hashtags Keep Marketers From Drowning in the Twitter Stream

twitter streamLet’s face it…many of us still think Twitter is the most confusing social media platform of them all. If you’re a regular Twitter user, then you have probably learned to maneuver through the platform’s idiosyncrasies. Think about it though: how intuitive is it to have conversations with people who may not even be using their real names? Then you need to use an “@” in front of “names” before they even know you’re talking to them. And when you finally have someone’s attention, you can only use 140 characters within a single tweet. With these obstacles, it’s no wonder many marketers fear they’re going to drown in the Twitter stream! Instead, B2B marketers (or anyone for that matter) should set aside their tweeting fears and jump on in. Start getting more out of Twitter by learning about, understanding, and using B2B hashtags.

You may already be familiar with hashtags, but I will define them here, just in case.  According to Wikipedia, Hashtags are mostly used as unmoderated ad-hoc discussion forums; any combination of characters led by a hash sign is a hashtag… In other words, a hashtag is used to create a meaning for certain letters or words, thus making it easy for people to follow, have conversations, and participate in discussions within certain parameters. B2B marketers can use B2B hashtags to stay afloat in the endless stream of tweets.

The following B2B hashtags allow B2B marketers to find influencers and/or like-minded people to follow, have relevant conversations and find B2B-related content.

1) #B2B

This is the simplest of all the B2B hashtags. For one thing, it keeps your character count low (remember the 140-character rule). In general, it’s a good all-purpose hashtag to designate your tweets – and yourself – to stand out specifically for a B2B audience.


2) #B2BMarketing

I frequently see (and use) this hashtag, along with links to content about a variety of topics related to B2B marketing. It works better as a single B2B hashtag, in my opinion, than separating #B2B and #Marketing.

3) #B2BSocial

I haven’t used this one just yet, but I plan to start. It’s more specific for the social media marketing aspect of B2B marketing. As B2B’s become more social, I think we’ll all start seeing this B2B hashtag even more.


Over to You

Are you ready to start getting more out Twitter with these and other B2B hashtags? Which ones work well for you?

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Jennifer Hanford
Jennifer is the owner and managing director of j+ Media Solutions which offers social and content solutions to SMBs. Writing is a newfound passion and she blogs regularly. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, baking and pinning on Pinterest.
Jennifer Hanford
Jennifer Hanford
Jennifer Hanford

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