17 Social Media & Marketing Blogs We Actually Read

I recently asked the SteamFeed authors to let me know what social media, marketing, and tech blogs they loved to read.  Here is what some of them came up with:
  1. Orbit Media – Andy Crestodina, strategic director, is very generous with his knowledge. He understands that content and online marketing is an art and science, and his thoughts make you just as fascinated as he is with the topics.  His team and guest bloggers are a treat! Every post has enhanced my work.
  2. Spin Sucks – Spin Sucks is part of my daily breakfast. I eat eggs or almond pancakes while reading SpinSucks that never fails to arrive in my inbox early morning. Sometimes the post ends up determing what I do for the rest of the morning because the ideas and advice are easy to take action on, plus easy to understand. The bloggers share some personal details too, giving it that community touch that makes reading and the comments section a blast! It’s probably the best community I know on the internet. Plus, Friday’s Gin & Topics saves me time looking for funny videos!
  3. Hubspot – They have a wicked good mix of humor and serious, helpful posts. If I’m stuck on something for work, Hubspot often has resources that will help out. The free stock photos, amazing ebooks and templates keep me coming back for more. I practically have developed a resource library on my desktop thanks to them! Oh, and there’s an app for them!
  1. Marie Forleo -Not your standard blog, Marie is the host of Marie TV and provides practical advice in a fun, refreshing video format. She was recently featured by Oprah on Super Soul Sunday as a thought leader for the next generation. From Marie: “I’m here to make you rich.” She readily acknowledges that making you rich goes way beyond money and her true mission is to help you create a business and life you love.
  2. Social Triggers -Derek Halpern founded Social Triggers to bridge the gap between science and business. He uses psychological research, business case studies and his own observations to create practical tips that can be implemented into any business. While Derek’s personality may not be for everyone, something he readily acknowledges, his advice is solid and actionable.
  3. ProBlogger -If you believe in the power of the blog, then ProBlogger is a great place to hang out. Darren Rowse has been making a living as a blogger for about ten years and shares his experiences of what works and what doesn’t in a real world kind of way. His strategic advice is presented in a way thats makes you wonder why it didn’t occur to you sooner.
  1. RazorSocial  –  Ian Cleary is pretty much the nicest guy in social media.  He is also my go to tools guy.  If there is a social media tool, Ian has tried it, analyzed it and blogged about it.  While many blogs try to cover the entire spectrum of social media topics, Ian focuses on one thing – tools – and nails it.
  2.  dustn.tv  –   Dustin is the rare creative who can methodically explain a “how to” post…and create a drop dead gorgeous  image to go with it.  He approaches new topics in a methodical, almost scientific manner while remaining kind, thoughtful and approachable.  He continually amazes me with his Google+ insights.
  3.  Virante  –   Google+ is my “thing”, my platform of choice and where you can find me most every day.  Because of this, I’ve gotten to know many of the thought leaders in the space.  They (mostly) guys that pay attention to every announcement, every move that Google makes. Now, take all of that knowledge, run it through the brain of Mark Traphagen of Virante and what you are left with is fresh, in-depth, cutting edge Google+ insight.

Debbie-Laskey Debbie Laskey

  1. Hyken – Shep Hyken is the absolute guru when it comes to customer service and customer experience marketing. Shep provides highlights from around the web every Monday, a guest post on Fridays, and his amazing tips for providing memorable customer experiences for all types of businesses.
  2. John Baldoni – John Baldoni is a leadership expert who shares his insights on Forbes. John discusses leadership issues faced by national leaders, military leaders, and sports leaders and makes them applicable in everyday situations. His posts always teach something valuable and help to make the reader a better leader.
  3. 3H – Hoop! – A Blog is where branding, advertising, and design intersect. The writers share my passion for brand marketing, so I know I will always find an interesting brand discussion every day.

Gerry Gettysburg Gerry

  1. Grow (Mark Schaefer) – I enjoy reading Mark for a particular reason. Whether I agree with Mark or not and I am about 50 – 50 on the agreement scale…regardless he always makes me think. I find being able to write in a manner that makes me question not only the subject material, but often my own opinions is a valuable exercise, and Mark has that down.  It’s good to shake it up now and again….besides Mark is nice guy who knows his stuff and doesn’t put himself “above” others as some do….I totally respect that.
  2. BundlePost (Robert Caruso) – I always enjoy the content that Bundlepost puts out. The material is not only about Bundlepost the product, but also covers many other area’s of social media management. In my opinion, what makes Bundlepost stand out from the crowd so to speak…is the level of professionalism. I trust the content that Bundlepost puts out because I trust the work that the people of Bundlepost can point to as “their” body of work. Bundlepost was born from first hand experience that Robert encountered as a social media manager. Again…Robert is a good guy who knows his stuff….P.S. and @perfectjulia ROCKS!!!
  3. MOZ – The thing about MOZ is you get a few blogs all for the price of one. With MOZ you get a collection of blogs from the MOZ community blog “youmoz”,  The MOZ community is a great resource for social media information, from blogging to SEO. You also get “whiteboard” Fridays which I love. Join Rand Fishkin (Founder and CEO) MOZ for a weekly whiteboard presentation about any number of relevant social media subjects. One of the things that I like about MOZ is that the information is on a “higher” level and geared toward industry professionals that want to stay on or above the curve. For everything that I learn on MOZ, it opens the door to more questions, and in a number of ways MOZ offers answers.
Daniel Hebert
  1. Spinsucks (Also one of Anne’s favorites)- This has to be my favourite digital PR blog. Gini Dietrich and her team are awesome – their writing is entertaining and educational at the same time. Topics range from traditional PR, blogging/writing, and social media. Check out their Gin and Topics series on Fridays too, it’s awesome!
  2. Ragan – This is the Ragan Communications blog. Love the variety of articles they provide, from writing tips, presentation tips, to social media tactics, and blogging. Great resource for any PR professional or professional blogger.
  3. Soulati -Jayme Soulati is absolutely hilarious! She has a ton of experience in PR, and you can clearly see in her posts that she’s encountered a lot during her career. She’s always there to help, and mentor young PR professionals. But her sass and wit just kills me every time. Educational and entertaining at the same time.
 Have a favorite blog? Leave it in the comments (oh and don’t be that person who leaves their own blog). :)
DJ Thistle

DJ Thistle

Co-Founder at SteamFeed
D.J. Thistle is a co-founder of SteamFeed, a blog that focuses on the latest trends in social media, technology, and marketing. His passion in technology is only rivaled by his desire to connect with others through social media. He has been a featured speaker multiple times on how to get started in social media at various wine industry events. He has spent the last 9 years teaching in public and private schools in Massachusetts and California. He is happily married and enjoys every moment of raising his beautiful daughter.
DJ Thistle
DJ Thistle

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