Blitz Posting is not an Effective Social Media Practice

Social Media is not about Blitz posting (you know the folks I am talking about). Some people do absolutely no engaging with their social media community. They simply go on one of their many social networking accounts, and post about 10 to 20 posts all in a row, in the manner of a machine gun: One right after the other – Bam, Bam, Bam…

fine bottle of wine, like social mediaThis approach to social media is about the same as drinking a fine bottle of wine all in one gulp, just to get it out-of-the-way. Let’s talk about this and what you are actually accomplishing when practicing Blitz posting.

You are not engaging!

You are not by any stretch of the word “engaging” with your community. Engaging in social media means responding and posting relevant information that your community is going to relate to, and trigger some sort of conversation. How are you encouraging engagement if you are firing off one post after another? You would be much better off posting at different intervals and engaging when someone responds. Be a person, not a robot, for goodness sakes. I mean really, how many social robots do you know?

You are affecting your SEO, in a negative way!

By bombarding the space all at one time, you are gaining no SEO whatsoever. Part of SEO is about posting a particular subject topic (keyword) on a consistent basis. Consistent is not meant to be interpreted by flooding the space with a ton of repeated mentions (that’s the same as keyword stuffing in my book).

You are spamming!

Finally, when it comes down to it, you are spamming the space. Social media is not about annoying people. Disagreeing politely, general discussion, etc., are all acceptable ways of engaging in social media. However, flooding the timeline with post after post is simply rude – STOP IT!

There I feel better now. What do you think about these blitz posters…?

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Gerry Michaels
Gerry Michaels (Gettysburg Gerry) is Principal at Glasswork Media Arts, Radio host SteamFeed Radio on Blogtalkradio, VP Marketing Biz Dev at, Social Media Columnist for the Gettysburg Times, Social Media strategist and community builder and explorer. I am no different than you, no better/worse. I'm an astronaut exploring this social media space. Fully engulfed in the world that is Social Media, I awake every day anxiously anticipating what the days new technology will bring. Find me on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google Plus, Pinterest. Feel free to contact me with any questions.


  1. Mallie Hart says

    Well said, Gerry. Shared this on G+ already and will be adding it to my rota for sharing throughout the day. Nothing worse than having your feed inundated with blitz posting, no matter the platform. Timing and time spent are key to real relationships. More common sense that appear to be ever so uncommon in practice.

  2. Gettysburg Gerry says

    Thanks Mallie, agreed, apparently the term "common sense" alludes some in the social space….thanks for stopping by

  3. djthistle says

    Quality over quantity always wins out. It's the get rich quick with very little effort mentality that breeds this type of behavior. When will people learn? Nice post Gerry.

  4. says

    This was catharsis. Thank you Gerry. If those people try to get posts out of the way robotic like….they're going to end up being pushed out of the way by people who are aiming to connect with humans!

  5. Daniel Hebert says

    Great post Gerry!

    I've un-followed/ un-friended so many people that do this. It's soooooo annoying. Too bad that the people that really need to hear about this, are probably also the ones that don't read the articles they share :(

  6. ChurchBoy says

    Curious …

    What about a case like a church tweeting points from the Sunday morning message? Sometimes its followers are absent members.

  7. Gettysburg Gerry says

    Churchboy, using hash tags and creating a twitter chat will solve that issue. Or even better use a private group FB page, Instructions on how to do that are here. There are always alternatives to blitz posting. Feel free to contact me with any further questions. If I can be of help, would be happy to.

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