Bloggers: 4 Goals for a Successful 2013

It’s that time of the year again.  Time to establish our blogging goals for 2013.  As with any goal, you want to be realistic, but make challenging enough so you don’t skate through.  Write them down and keep the list nearby.  If you see the goal list everyday it will keep you focused and motivated.  Don’t look at the enormity of the goal numbers or tasks.  Break it down by month, and record the data.  Make all attempts to avoid “winging it”.


Be Consistent

This goal can arguably be put down for everyone for all facets of life.  If you don’t show up, you will not get results.  That’s a simple enough of a concept.  Many of us struggle with being consistent when it comes to our blog.  I was on a Google hangout earlier this week with Amit Shaw exchanging ideas.  Amit is the creator of Itechcode and just celebrated the one year anniversary of the blog.  Amit and guest authors published over 250 posts on Itechcode in their first year.  Now that’s consistency.

Goal: 180 Posts in 2013 (that would be 15 per month; I did the Math in my head)

Action: On average, publishing every other day.  If you have a large window to write during the course of the week, knock out a few posts.  You’re going to need 4-8 posts in reserve to account for vacation, illness, or whatever might arise.

Do Something New

Most blogs are centered around delivering content via a written post.  By all means, you need to get that established, but there are other platforms where you can deliver content.  Have you ever done a Podcast? How about a Video? Me either.  You can also run a contest with a valuable prize.  That brings in more traffic that tends to be unique.  Think about doing an interview.  Mix it up, do something new with your blog in 2013.

Goal: Create 10 Videos and Post

Action: While this seems like an easy one, if you haven’t done one ever it could be a challenge.  Search on how to effectively create a video and get going.   It’s less than one per month so definitely reachable.

Answer All Comments

I’m sure at one time or another we’ve all dropped the ball on replying to comments.  You can’t let it happen.  Let’s think about this for a second.  You’ve put the time and effort to create a post.  Someone comes along and reads your post, and formulates an opinion and responds.  You triggered their interest enough to generate a comment.  This is precious, and you need to treat it as such.

Goal: Answer All legitimate Comments

Action: Make this the first task you do when you turn on the computer each day.  Yes, before Facebook and Twitter.  While you want to reply to comments immediately, let’s be realistic.  Replying to comments within 24 hours is acceptable.

Be Social

This always makes me smile, and shake my head.  If you’re serious about your blog you have to spend time outside of your blog.  Yes, more time than you spend inside your blog.  Too many spend a big chunk of time on their blog, and have nothing left for the social networks.  This is a huge mistake.  You write like Hemingway, but no one is coming to your site. Eyeballs are not reading your gems.  Get out and see the world.  Participate consistently and good things will come.

Goal:  For every hour you spend on your blog, spend 90 minutes on social networks.

Action:  It all starts with Twitter. Twitter will bring the highest amount of traffic to your blog, bar none.  If your time is limited, spend all of your social time on Twitter.  If your schedule allows, spend time on Google Plus as well.  You need to do this to attract viewers.  Don’t count on Google organic search, especially if you’re new to blogging.  It takes time. Get Social.

Write down your specific goals and execute.  I would love for you to comment and share your blogging goals with us.  I’ll definitely reply to your comments.  Please share if you found the post to be of value.  Here’s to a Successful 2013.

Steven Hughes
Social Media advocate with 20+ years in Sales and Marketing. Steve writes about Social Media, Blogging, Marketing, and business at GeeklessTech. Steve is a current contributor to and Dashburst. When away from the computer Steve enjoys running and spending time with his two daughters.
Steven Hughes


  1. djoneslucid says

    Nicely put. At first I was like, "great another post about how to blog." I expected some the typical "how to write a great headline" stuff. Then I remember I was on steamfeed! I especially like the part abou mixing things up with media content. Good job and thanks for some great advice.

  2. says

    Thanks for the post! Good insights! I like the thoughtof spending more time outside your blog than inside! Tough to do but sounds valuable!!

    • says

      Thanks for the comment Nate. Yes, much easier said than done, but there needs to be balance. There's plenty of people "out there" that don't know about your site unless you let them know.

  3. jenlaughs says

    Great thoughts, exactly what I was looking for. You make a good point about spending more time on social networks than the blog; that's something I've been thinking about. When I first started, blogging was the community. Now it's on Twitter/FB/G+. Something to consider as I plot my goals for the next 12 months.

  4. says

    Hi Jen – You hit the nail on the head. A lot of the communication and relationship takes on the Big 4 (I'll add LinkedIn). If you are use to spending a good chunk of your time on your site there will be an adjustment. Depending on your goals and objectives will determine the amount of the time spent on Social.

    Have a great 2013

  5. says

    Hey Steven, nice tips, being consistent and answering really helps us. When we post regularly on our blogs then visitors use to visit us consistently. Answering all comments make visitors feel that they are valued and they become regular readers of our blog. Thanks again for the tips.

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