Boost Meeting Productivity With These Agenda Tips

Do you want your meetings to be more productive? Do you feel like some days your meetings are just back-to-back? When I worked for the Yellow Pages, middle management would even hold meetings to schedule the next lot of meetings. It can get ridiculous. A well-organized agenda is essential for all meetings. You can boost meeting productivity with these agenda tips and achieve real results without wasting anyone’s time.

Whether it is a training session, a boardroom conference, a sales visit with a client or new prospect, or even a formal Google+ Hangout, your agenda needs to set the stage. Preferably in advance. There are dozens of templates you can work from, however it is important that your agenda has the fundamentals covered.

Boost meeting productivity agenda tips
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Frame It Up

Whenever a meeting is scheduled most people invited are thinking: What’s in it for me? So serve it up. Let them know why the meeting is important. I call it the P.P.P. (Purpose, Process, Payoff). Why is the meeting necessary, what will happen as a result and most importantly what are the benefits for those involved.

Let’s Get Back to Basics

Meeting agenda essentials include: Start time, end time, location, topics to be covered, expected duration, relevant key stake holders and expected outcomes. You can add more, however without these noted the length of your meeting is certain to blow out.

Give Them a Heads-Up

It goes without saying that everyone involved should be prepared for the meeting. Once the agenda is finalized, send it out. Make sure that everyone knows what will be covered and set clear expectations. The most successful meetings will be defined way before the meeting commences.

Take Ownership

Everyone attending the meeting needs to be involved. Otherwise why wouldn’t they be doing something else more productive? When each person is accountable for a certain item or action it will bring a necessary significance to the meeting.

Think Like a Wedding Planner

Wedding planners are meticulous. They have to be. The expectations are paramount. I’ve seen a wedding planner nail down an exact song time to the second on a running sheet. If you can set times for each item on the agenda and stick to them, everyone wins.

Get Some Closure

So what did we achieve? What do we expect? Everyone at the meeting should leave with an action item (or two) and a sense of achievement. Don’t worry, there will be another meeting. Let’s just make sure that this one was worthwhile.


So I hope that these tips will increase your meeting productivity levels and improve overall outcomes. I’d like to say a special thank you to the General Manager at Trusonic Australia. Her meetings are so tight and well organized that she has inspired me to write this article and find value in every meeting.

Are your meetings yielding results? Our readers would love to hear your comments about best practice agenda items and what’s working for your business. Please consider sharing this article to help tighten up meetings across the globe and to add value to your next meeting agenda. Thanks for reading and sharing.

Matt Crawford

Matt Crawford

Digital Media Advisor at Social Strategies
Matt Crawford is a marketing executive with an accomplished career in digital media sales. His background is in the B2B sector and he has extensive experience in retail management and hospitality. Matt has worked with national and international brands as well as small to medium enterprises to help develop effective digital marketing strategies. His down to earth approach makes it easy for businesses to communicate their objectives and consequently achieve their goals.
Matt Crawford
Matt Crawford
Matt Crawford

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