Boost Your Small Business Social Media Results in 2014

small business social mediaAre you using social media to market your small business and finding that your results are less than stellar?

If so, you are not alone.

Recent statistics show that while fifty percent of small business owners use social media to market and promote their business, nearly 60 percent say they have yet to see any return on their investment.

If you want to make the most of it in 2014, check out the four ways you can boost your small business social media results!

Establish a Powerful Online Reputation

The Internet has increased the expectation among consumers that your small business will maintain a credible online presence. As consumers actively research the Internet for a product, service or specialized niche, finding you should be as simple as the click of a mouse.

If you want to be seen as an authority in your field or niche, transitioning an established offline reputation to an online presence is critical. Sound easier said than done? It can be, but it is possible through time and consistency.

Create an exceptional first impression by completing all of your social media bios and offering valuable content that positions you as the industry expert.

Potential clients will not only critique the look and feel of your social presence based on design and content, but also the voice and tone with which you use.

Reach Consumers Unreachable by Traditional Marketing

While many business professionals understand that their target market is on social media, many are still unclear how to reach them.

The key is to determine where they are hanging out and then spend your time connecting and interacting with them in that space.

Test the waters on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus to determine what type of interaction you receive and the kind of content your followers or fans are looking for

Remember, social media is an opportunity to strengthen and build relationships. As you work through your 2014 social media business plan, do not forget how critical it is to not only get social, but also stay social.

In order to gain the attention of your target audience, you need to put strategies in place that promote the growth and sustainability of your social media presence.

Make it Easy for Consumers to Connect

When was the last time you looked at your website or blog from a consumers perspective? If your answer isn’t recent, then now is the time to take a tour to see what you find.

Is it easy for consumers to find your phone number, email, and all social networks? The last thing you want is a potential client landing on your website only to struggle to find a way to connect and eventually bouncing off of your website before taking action.

Prominently display any contact information on your home page along with your preferred form of communication. Setting expectations up front can help you overcome potential frustration down the road.

Be Available Where and When Your Customer Is

“Be available. When you are working with your customer, be available for the entire transaction. This will help them to trust you when they are working with you for the first time, and it will also help down the road.” – Sunday Steinkirchner

Not everyone enjoys every social network. Likewise, not every potential customer is landing on your website between the hours of nine and five.

Be available to answer questions during normal business hours, and always respond in a timely manner. Great customer service is an immediate reflection on your business.

Make your customer feel valued and appreciated by putting systems in place to quickly and easily communicate with them no matter where they are across the web.

Rebekah Radice
Rebekah is the CEO of Rebekah Radice LLC, a digital marketing agency assisting business owners in the creation and execution of an integrated online strategy. Rebekah has been actively involved in the marketing industry for over 17 years and is eager to put her experience, innovative ideas and keen sense of "what works," to work for you!
Rebekah Radice

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