4 New Social Media Ads You Should Try In 2015

According to ZenithOptimedia, the Internet is the fastest growing medium in advertising with 16.9% growth in 2014 and a forecast of 15% growth for the next two years. Ten years ago, only 4% of budgets were given to digital (social media/internet) advertising. As social media advertising grows, there will always be new options available and […]

How To Make Coupon Sites Work For Your Brand

Trying to navigate the world of coupon sites can be challenging as retailers seek to gain exposure and traffic without sacrificing margin or compromising the brand. While much of the focus over the past few years has been about “if” retailers should work with coupon sites, the real focus for many retailers should be on […]

How To Implement An Integrated Marketing Communications Plan As A “Non-Marketer”

Marketing can be a daunting task, especially if marketing falls within your “other duties as assigned” and isn’t your main career focus. I believe that every company, no matter the size, needs an individual dedicated solely to marketing that is in a position to implement change. Marketing initiatives cannot be built from the ground up, […]

2 Things You Must Obsess Over To Be A Great Growth Hacker

Growth hackers are unique from other marketers for many reasons; their focus on lean marketing tactics, their love for – and understanding of – the role technology plays in modern marketing, and their ability to influence growth with limited resources and slim budgets. Considered an asset to any startup team, growth hackers are answer seekers […]

5 Areas of Customer Insights You’re Missing

Business leaders can’t get enough of customer data lately. We track everything from web site clicks to where else our customers shop. Big data is the buzz word, but what about small data? Some things you will discover as you look past that big data and begin to discover the painful truth: You are not listening […]

3 Ways To Generate Leads For Your Time-Starved Business

When you’re a small business owner, one thing is for certain: your brand must generate leads in order to survive. The more leads, the more potential clients. You know they’re out there, and you know they need your products or solutions. They know they need your products or solutions as well. The problem? They (your […]

Stop Marketing Without An Integrated Marketing Communication Plan

Q: What do your customers want? A: Customers want an integrated seamless customer experience. It might seem like a simple task, but the majority of organizations are either unable or ill equipped to answer the demands of their customers. This is a problem. In a June 2014 article appearing on Forbes.com, Steve Olenski stated, “65% […]

How To Target Your Social Media Ads Effectively

One of the amazing perks to social advertising is being able to target the exact person or group you want to reach. To get the most bang for your buck and to be successful with your social advertising, you have to target a specific audience. Businesses are often clueless about this part of the social […]

How To Gain Consumer Insights That Boost Your Marketing Results

The drive to gain consumer insights cannot be an occasional endeavor. A company wishing to establish a brand or sell a product cannot simply conduct a focus group or survey, and say it now has everything it needs to know about consumers. It must take some very concrete steps to get a firm grasp of […]

5 Secrets Your Business Can Learn From Theme Parks

Every business wants to stand out in today’s competitive market, but how can a business accomplish this with low budgets and small teams? While some pundits believe that exceptional customer service is the wave of the future, and social media has become a significant part of most marketing initiatives and may replace traditional marketing, there […]

The Best B2B Marketing Leads Aren’t Always for Sale

Many B2B organizations face a common challenge: their sales and marketing teams fail to jive. One major area of disdain between the two groups stems from their disagreement about who the “perfect” B2B marketing leads are. Sales blames marketing for providing them with “lousy” leads lists, while marketing blames sales for not providing them with […]

5 Tips to Not Be Like U2 With Your Marketing

Whether you’re first in line to buy the iPhone 6, or you’re still using a dumb phone, the future is here. And U2 didn’t get the memo. By the end of this post, you’ll learn how to not be like U2 with your marketing. You’ll also understand the importance of modern marketing with these concepts: […]

How Brand Influencers And Brand Ambassadors Are Different

While on a recent Twitter Chat, someone said brand influencers and brand ambassadors were the same thing. But they’re not. There’s actually a crucial difference between the two, and it involves MONEY. And if your company or brand is looking at using in any sort of influencer marketing programs, you’ll need to know the difference. […]

3 Content Marketing Tactics That Drive Growth

Did you know that there are a few strategies that brands and startups can implement today that will drive real growth? Whether it’s growth in newsletter subscriptions, customer acquisition or inbound leads – Content can play a role in driving conversion. It’s easy to get caught up in the frenzy surrounding content marketing and fall […]

The Secret Lives Of Community Managers

Community Managers — the “face” of brands, responsible for interacting with audiences and communities online and drumming up buzz for their company or brand — don’t have it easy. Job duties often include many, or ALL (or MORE), of the following: Effectively communicating the brand message to online communities Excellent writing skills Content creator Content […]

6 Free Marketing Guides You Should See This Week

Almost every one of us is an information addict. I’m not kidding. There’s something about digital marketing that makes us glutinous for more data, more case studies, more news updates, and more advice than we could ever possibly put to use. Every once in a while, we need to distance ourselves from all the clutter […]

How To Create Remarkable Content: Being Average Will Get You Nowhere

There is something wrong with the way they teach marketing these days. A lot of students go through their marketing programs learning about the 4 Ps and the importance of conducting a SWOT analysis before coming up with an idea. From there, they are told to conform to the ideas being put in front of […]

Can Co-Creation and Relationship Marketing Improve Your Business?

Your customers want value. So let’ serve it up. One of the best ways to provide value for your customers is to understand and meet their needs. Effective relationship marketing will give you an understanding of their needs. The best way to meet those needs? Business legend Peter Drucker proposes that marketing is to know […]

10 Vital Rules You Need As a Modern Marketer

Marketing has evolved and will continue to evolve at an ever-increasing rate from now till the end of capitalism and consumerism. Every new idea in business leads to a thousand new ideas in marketing. Innovation is products, process, technology, and media all end up causing relative innovations in the field of marketing — which is one […]

Is There a Storm Brewing Between Gen X and Gen Y?

There’s a Storm Brewing Between Gen X and Gen Y If you watched our Millennial Think Tank Hangout last week, you heard members of Gen Y push back hard against the notion that they were ‘entitled,’ or in need of validation more than those that came before them. If you listened closely, you also heard that when […]