Choosing A Social Strategy That’s Not Obvious To You

I’ve made a terrible mistake. I haven’t given enough fodder on SMM for the small guy’s social strategy. On a recent post, The 5 Cs Of Social Media, we received some constructive criticism in the comments that deserves some following up on. One of our readers told us: “As I read this blog/article I do […]

10 Things Marketers Need to Know to Remain Relevant

It’s clear that marketing has drastically changed in the last decade. The rise of digital, accompanied by its ever-evolving technologies in mobile and advertising will build a perpetual environment of test and learn. As well, continuous emergence of audience platforms will create a nomadic culture that follows the fickle consumer paths. Ultimately, this will dictate […]

Real-Time Marketing: Should Humor Be Used In Difficult Times?

I was going to write a post about building a successful marketing team for your startup, but I can’t. If any of you have been reading about what is going on in Israel, my home country, you understand why pretending that it’s “business as usual” might be a bit hard for me—so if you will […]

How To Leverage Your Creatures of Content

‘Creatures of Content’ is a new term/project I’ve coined (I think I’m the first) to describe the modern consumer’s content creation habits. So, creatures of habit + content = creatures of content. Now that we’re on the same page, our businesses and brands have a really exciting and powerful opportunity that offers a huge reward […]

Hashtag Strategies for Dummies

Hashtags are a key component to a social media approach. However, done poorly, hashtags can make a brand come across as uncalculated and well, a dummie. Use this pound sign turned social the right way– avoid the errors that can destroy any strategy by following our list of do’s and dont’s for hashtagging. #Don’ts Don’t […]

Marketing Serves Sales. Period.

My Confession: I am and will always be a salesman at heart. Having spent 20 years in the retail and wholesale sales trenches, at my core I will forever see myself as a ‘salesman.’ It’s not the adrenaline rush that attracts me. Nor is it the money, but rather, it’s the building of very human relationships […]

4 Proven Ways to Engage Employees in Your Content Creation Process

  If you were to randomly poll company owners about the need for good content to further their digital marketing efforts, you’d find the overwhelming majority would consider it critical. Regardless of your company’s size or industry, the ideal scenario for content creation is to get full buy-in and support from employees. At The Sales […]

Why Lead Nurturing Makes Sense for B2B Companies

How often do you hear about businesses generating plenty of leads, but closing very few – if any – of them? Sadly, this happens more often than B2B marketers and business owners care for. Who is to blame when this happens? The “usual suspects” may include: The marketing department, for failing to qualify leads before […]

You Need More Than a Marketing Degree to Thrive

Marketing is not what it used to be. How customers find information to influence their purchasing decisions have evolved over the years. As a result, marketers are now required to know a bit more than general marketing tactics and concepts. In this article, you will learn: What companies are looking for in a marketing representative […]

Exceeding Customer Expectations Can Be Shockingly Simple

The lights turned off. I saw glow-in-the-dark tape lined up around the train car handle and the steps. “Oh I totally have to take a picture of this,” I thought. Fail. I whipped out my smartphone, touched the button and saw the flash gearing up to blind people around. I forgot to turn it off. […]

The Customer is NOT Always Right!

Everyone at some time or another has worked on the service side of the business – trying to manage the client’s expectations while, many times, acquiescing to their demands, just to make them happy. The service industry has always held the mantra that the Customer is always right even if they are wrong. This post seeks to […]

Mobile Stats and Proximity Tips for Your Next Marketing Campaign

Get up to date with current mobile marketing stats and learn effective proximity marketing tactics.

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The Evolution of Retail: What Brands Need to Know [Infographic]

Back at the turn-of-the-century (I just love saying that) I was in retail management. Dance music retail to be specific. The stores that I ran pioneered cutting edge dance music and thanks to DJ culture, good old analogue 12” vinyl was actually experiencing sales and usage growth. Oh, how quickly things can change. It was […]

Why Content Really Isn’t King and What Actually Is…

Ever come across a great blog post or slideshare and be surprised that it only has a handful of retweets or shares? Maybe you’ve created great content before and found similar results. Don’t be discouraged. It’s not because the content sucks. You may have created one of the best resources in your industry and still not make a […]

Is Social Media Right For You? 5 Questions To Ask.

How can social media fit into your marketing strategy? While it’s working well for some, and not-so-well for others, it’s best to shut out what others are doing and first take a look at yourself. I feel many companies often miss this step because they see “so-and-so” having success and assume success can just as […]

5 Lead Generation Trends to Boost Your Business

Whether you’re a solopreneur or a Fortune 500 company, you have the same goal for your business: getting paying clients. Lead generation is the process for gathering leads in hopes that some (or all!) become paying clients. As well as being the first stage of the sales process, lead generation is probably the most essential […]

Three Research Backed Content Marketing Insights You Should Know

One of my favourite shows as of late is the TV series, Sherlock. It’s essentially a modern day version of the classic Sherlock Holmes in case you’ve never heard of it. Similar to Sherlock Holmes, marketers today are forced to solve complex problems by bringing together a handful of moving pieces such as insights and […]

Is Inbound Marketing Really Making Outbound Redundant?

We are witnessing a tectonic shift in marketing. Outbound marketing tactics like cold calling, direct mailing etc. are looking out of place in a world populated by inbound strategies such as SEO, content marketing, and social marketing. Marketing is no longer about hunting for customers; rather, it’s about making the customers come to you. It’s […]

How to Bootstrap Your Brand Name in 5 Steps

Over the years, I’ve met too many entrepreneurs who spent unnecessary cash on crappy company and product names. They hired ‘branding gurus’ who didn’t understand their target market, the tech industry, the company vibe — or worse, they really didn’t care. There’s no excuse for a half-ass brand, no reason to settle for something that […]

Show Me Your Human Side (In Business)

You hear people and marketers talking about it … the “human side” of business … humanizing your business … it’s not B2B or B2C, it’s H2H (human to human). But what exactly does it mean to be human in business? How does a business become human? The Human (Business) Face Think about the makeup of […]