Will Big Data Resolve Questions of Measurement in Social Research?

The big five personality traits are some of the most well researched concepts in the field of psychology. It is a framework used to understand human personality along five factors; openness, conscientious, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. Each factor has its own spectrum and an individual may rank anywhere between the points of the two extremes. […]

How To Improve Customer Experience For Your Business

Last year I wrote about one of Australia’s best new brands and how customer experience extends far beyond customer service. Although Customer service is of paramount importance, it is still only one aspect of the overall customer experience. Feelings play a critical role in the way customers are influenced and this week I enjoyed a […]

Is Yelp Consumer Or Business Driven? What You Should Know

If you’re a small business owner, you may already understand the importance of Yelp. Yelp allows people to search for and rate local businesses – from restaurants to doctors – and nearly every other business in between. If you haven’t signed your business up on the site, it’s a great idea, especially if you want […]

5 Areas of Customer Insights You’re Missing

Business leaders can’t get enough of customer data lately. We track everything from web site clicks to where else our customers shop. Big data is the buzz word, but what about small data? Some things you will discover as you look past that big data and begin to discover the painful truth: You are not listening […]

Exceeding Customer Expectations Can Be Shockingly Simple

The lights turned off. I saw glow-in-the-dark tape lined up around the train car handle and the steps. “Oh I totally have to take a picture of this,” I thought. Fail. I whipped out my smartphone, touched the button and saw the flash gearing up to blind people around. I forgot to turn it off. […]

The Customer is NOT Always Right!

Everyone at some time or another has worked on the service side of the business – trying to manage the client’s expectations while, many times, acquiescing to their demands, just to make them happy. The service industry has always held the mantra that the Customer is always right even if they are wrong. This post seeks to […]

Loyalty Programs Play A Part in Overall Customer Experience

Have you checked your wallet or key chain recently? How many of those tiny plastic loyalty cards do you have? Do you have one for the grocery store, one for the pharmacy, one for the technology store, one for the pet store, one for the coffee shop? The list can, and does, go on and […]

3 Customer Experience Lessons From The Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny has customers just like the rest of us. Only for his customers it’s all about the experience. Brands can learn a lot from this approach. According to a report from Oracle, 86% of consumers will pay more for a better customer experience. So with Easter just around the corner here are 3 things […]

Why We Love Business Purpose (And You Should Too!)

What is the real purpose of your business? I don’t mean what does your business do, I mean why do you do it? We all love to understand the purpose of a business. It’s actually much more important to us than products and services. Do you want to know why we love business purpose and […]

Customer Data Is The New King For Brands

We have all heard for a while now that Content is King, then Context became King. Well, I am here to tell you that for brands, Customer Data trumps it all. Move over content and context and make room for the new king… CUSTOMER DATA. In order to be a better marketer, we need to […]

Using The Net Promoter Score For Employee Engagement And Review

Back in the early nineties, Fred Reichheld, a researche […]

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What’s Your Risk And Response Plan?

Oh, Justin Bieber, what it must be like to be on your team. With all of the bare-chested fighting, peeing in buckets, and drinking and driving, I’m sure his managers and mentors are deploying tactics from their Risk and Response Plan. Let’s hope they have one. Crisis management isn’t anything new. You’ve heard all of […]

The Customer Isn’t Always Right: Why Standing-up For Your Employees Is Good For Business

standupforIn a world where customers’ criticisms can reach thousands of their “friends” in an instant, companies are (rightfully) worried that one disgruntled customer can wreak havoc on a brand — at least temporarily. Managers must walk a fine line between … Read more

Customer Loyalty: A Two-Way Street

It’s generally considered poor form to ditch your date at the school dance — it makes a poor impression on your date (and people will talk!) Likewise, it should be considered poor manners to ditch the customers who brought you to the dance — who made you what you are today. We want our customers […]

Loss of Control: The Dying Breed of Traditional Marketing

As a marketer I have evolved — I have to say as much as it was out of necessity, it was also out of sheer excitement in figuring out this new media. By the way, when I talk about Traditional Marketing, I don’t necessarily ascribe to TV, radio or mass channels — I am referencing […]

So You Got a Bad Review… What Do You Do About It?

No matter your business, dealing with a negative review is one of the hardest things to deal with. Recently, Amy’s Baking Company put on a clinic of how NOT to deal with a bad review, or negative comment, and while the vast majority of business owners would not respond as Amy’s owners did, it is […]

6 Tips For Finding Prospects Through Online Media

How do you know if the prospects your company is desperately seeking are actively using social media platforms? Isn’t this the impetus for using social in the first place? You’d think so. While your prospects may or may not be active on social media, you can take measured steps to find out if they are, […]

5 Email Marketing Tips for the Holidays

The holiday season can be a great time for your small business. Email marketing can and should be an important part of your overall holiday marketing strategy—especially since, according to a recent holiday shopping survey from IT consulting firm Accenture, 65 percent of holiday shoppers will go online to browse for gifts before heading out […]

How to Make Sales with Social Media

Whether they’re saying it out loud or not, many business owners are asking the same questions about social media: How do I do this thing? How do I sell my stuff?  Is it worth my time? Welcome to the business side of social media: We’re all selling something and we’re all talking. Is anyone listening? […]

Let Loyalty Be Your Fault

Running a business is hard; marketing a business isn’t much easier. Sometimes you have to make choices, and by letting loyalty be one of your faults it is one of those good mistakes you should make. If you are in the customer service business like a restaurant or retailer, would too much customer loyalty ever [...]